PA-8: Q3: Santarsiero Raises $160K, Has $331K COH

santarsieroSteve Santarsiero’s last fundraising report led to a behind-the-scenes effort to push him out of the race.

Coming off of that, the State Rep. and PA-8 Democratic candidate raised $160,254 from July 1st to September 30th.

Not only was that an improvement from his $155,864 Q2 total, but he didn’t loan his campaign any money this time. In fact, Santarsiero fully paid off his $40,000 loan.

He also increased his cash on hand total from $282,853 to $331,342.

Despite all this, however, Santarsiero still trails Naughton in the money race. As we noted last week, Naughton brought in $283,324 during the third quarter. She also has the advantage concerning cash on hand with $441,552.

Both candidates are running for the Democratic nomination in PA-8. State Rep. Scott Petri has jumped in on the Republican side while former Bucks County Commissioner Andy Warren is pledging to run and 2008 GOP nominee Tom Manion is also considering a bid.

Incumbent GOP Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is retiring.

The 8th district consists of all of Bucks County and parts of upper Montco. It is rated R+1 and therefore is one of the most competitive congressional seats in the nation.

8 Responses

  1. I think it strange that some are basing their predictions on who should be the Democratic Congressional Candidate on who has the most money in the bank during the wrong election cycle is misleading.

    This cycle is about electing Local and County Officials and State Judicial Candidates. The issue of Congress will be decided after the present election in November. The duty of local investors in our party is to presently concentrate their limited cash in the present election cycle. If you really believe that big money should determine the fate of the ordinaries (like myself) then you don’t know Democrats and their real budgetary problems.

    I don’t believe the ordinary voting people in the party are able to or are ready to handicap anyone in a race that is not in the present cycle. Nor do I think that those I speak to on the street are able to really invest in an election that is out of the present election cycle!

    The race for Congress is important but it is not first in the minds of active Democrats who are presently spending their time and hard earned money on the present democratic nominees in this cycle.

    We are not the party of big money and while we appreciate donations to our cause we should not (and I believe do not) want or need to bend to the wishes of big lobby groups. We already have another party that does that!

    It seems that your use of pre-cycle numbers means something important to us. Thus, it is not only the big guys think that money dominates all things. It seems like the media is now trying to imply that big donors’ money should impress their will on those of us who actually do the grass roots work of speaking to voters and listening to them at the proper election cycle!

    Until we pass the General Election this November I don’t believe that posting who is holding the money advantage is more than a scheme meant to influence a race where platforms and programs should be the key to who we elect to run as our Democratic Candidate.

    Who the big guys are backing with their money is a game that should not be played!

    I believe it might be best to wait until you consult the actual political operatives and grass roots people when they have money to spend on the next cycles races. Remember, we the people who actually vote in Bucks are not as flush with cash as are the big donors!

    We care not about who might be helping those who will try to demand services for what they gave before these elections. These donors are not on our radar and are detrimental to those who actually vote! We voters will not be considering donors and their money and those donations will have little to do with who we nominate for congress.

  2. PhillySteve, Kevin Strouse had way more local support than her, that is just a fact – just look up the local endorsements from last time. It’s because she had less local support, that she lost. This time she has even less, also just an objective fact, because Steve S has nearly all the committee and Bucks political endorsements.

  3. How can someone who has all the Bucks support be “done?” This race won’t be decided by who has 800,000 on hand at the primary or 1,000,000, but by who has a better message and grassroots support. Steve will likely get the endorsement of the party, as well. This race is clearly still wide open.

  4. Hmmmm….The first thing he did with the new money was pay himself back. So if he quits now, then he is whole and the new supporters are left holding the bag. Sounds like he has an exit strategy….just in case.

  5. @smarter i don’t think you have your numbers straight…was curious and looked at her reports and far as i can tell she’s only had $5k from Emily’s and it was this Q

    seems a little embarrassing to me that steve loaned himself $40k last Q and had to pay himself back with this haul. when you consider that, it looks like he’s gotten smoked by naughton 2 Qs in a row

  6. Not bad, and keep in mind Naughton’s Emily List endorsement brought in a one-time donation last quarter, so they may be about the same financially after all things are considered. Plus Steve has all that local support.

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