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PA-8: Q4: Naughton Raises $320K, Holds $630,000 COH

naughtonShaughnessy Naughton apparently pulled in a personal best fundraising haul over the last three months of 2015.

According to sources close to the Naughton campaign, she raised about $320,000 from October 1st to December 31st. The campaign also expects to finish with a cash on hand total between $630,000 and $640,000 (full FEC reports aren’t due until January 31st).

Naughton improved on her Q3 total by about $50K and has close to $200,000 more COH.

Naughton is running against State Rep. Steve Santarsiero in the Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is retiring.

The 8th district consists of all of Bucks County and part of upper Montco.

UPDATE: Naughton’s campaign has released a statement confirming that they raised $320,000 during the fourth quarter of 2015. They also put their cash on hand total at $635,000 and say the campaign has raised $923,000 since it’s launch in March.

So far, 4,000 individuals have given money to Naughton while the average contribution in Q4 was $79.

“This overwhelming fundraising success, which was made possible by our thousands of grassroots supporters, demonstrates that Pennsylvanians are excited about electing someone who has Shaughnessy’s experience as a businesswoman and a scientist,” said spokesperson Erik Polyak. “Voters are sick and tired of career politicians and the politics as usual culture of Washington, D.C., and they’re looking for someone with a different perspective. Shaughnessy fits that mold and will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to DC.”

10 Responses

  1. @BristolBrawler … lol what patent? she graduated with a bachelors degree in chemistry, worked for one year counting test tubes in a research lab 15 YEARS AGO and calls herself a scientist. She didn’t like it she fell back on the family business– so a strong business woman who lives with her parents, at least that’s what it says on paper (cause she can’t run for congress in bucks from her apartment in phil.)

    But what’s most unimpressive is her inability to speak about an issue that’s not listed on her talking points, which her manager/consultant/fiance, josh morrow provided her. It really is laugh out loud funny to see two people so poorly attempt to become a political power couple.

  2. Does she even live in the district? If her and Fitzpatrick’s brother win the primary both are moving back to Bucks for the sole reason to obtain the power of a congressman.

  3. here we go again — the Dems splitting their money and engaging in a vicious primary battle between 2 candidates either of which would be better than the GOP’s. bitter primaries cot us votes and leaving the Dems weak against any R. haven’t the machine politicians at the top learned anything from their long string of defeats? of course one can’t tell the Rendell machine anything — he ran against the endorsed Dem in a primary, and won…

    just stop endorsing in the primaries, why don’t we?

  4. @bucksD she’s a successful small business owner and a scientist with a patent. How is that unimpressive?

    Maybe you’re just intimidated because you have a D and she does not?

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