PA-8: Q4: Naughton vs. Santarsiero Fundraising Breakdown

Naughton SantarsieroShaughnessy Naughton and Steve Santarsiero fought it out in the race for cash throughout 2015.

After four fundraising quarters, though, Naughton has now won three straight after Santarsiero prevailed in the first quarter.

Let’s dig deeper, though, and take a more detailed dive into both candidates’ reports. The fourth fundraising quarter covers from October 1st to December 31st of last year.

Top-Line Numbers

Naughton outraised Santarsiero $320,119.91 to $200,650.68 in the fourth quarter. She also spent more than he did ($126,586.27 to $101,697.53). Overall, Naughton’s biggest strength at the moment is her cash on hand advantage. She has $634,986.36 while Santarsiero is holding onto $422,486.11.

Two notes before we continue. Naughton paid back another $4,000 that she loaned her campaign during her previous run, though there’s still $4,500 remaining. Also, the Naughton team and the Dover Group finally came to an agreement on a disputed debt and resolved the issue.


While Santarsiero was beaten overall, he once again won more PAC support than his Democratic primary opponent. In fact, his $24,036 in PAC money is an improvement from the third quarter while Naughton’s PAC numbers plummeted down to $6,750.

Much of the State Rep’s support once again came from labor. The Ironworkers Political Action League, Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political League and AFSCME all gave $5,000 each.

Other union supporters included: Transport Workers Union ($2,500), Local 13000 Communications Workers of America ($2,000), and PASNAP ($500).

He also got a $250 contribution from Eugene DePasquale’s campaign committee months before the Auditor General endorsed his candidacy.

Naughton, on the other hand, got her biggest support from female groups. Tri-State Maxed-Out Women gave $2,500, while Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s PAC gave $1,000 and WUFPAC $250.

Additionally, she got some significant donations from law firms like Winston & Strawn ($2,000) and Cozen O’Connor ($1,000)


Most of the money spent by campaigns usually goes to staff and routine bills for office supplies. We like to take a look, however, at the political consultants the campaigns are using.

Naughton used a few different consulting firms. Email consultant Mothership Strategies got $12,334 while Next Level Partners received $5,200 and media consultant Positive Communications charged $2,750.

The campaign also spent some cash on mailing and research as well. EMILY’s List (a prominent Naughton supporter) was paid $6,711 for postage on their mailers while $4,050 went towards NGP Van. Another $2,579 in printing costs went to Keystone Millbrook.

On the other side, Santarsiero’s largest expenses were $10,000 for a poll from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and $7,500 for digital consulting from New Blue Interactive. Additionally, $3,500 was spent for research from Stanford Campaigns while the State Rep also paid $1,125 for access to the Democratic database, NGP Van.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

13 Responses

  1. Born here, family from here, went to Bryn Mawr College, works here: how is this “no real connection”?
    Add that she lost the primary in 2014, not by much, to the guy who had his parents give money to another candidate whose parents in turn gave money to him, apparently not illegal but it ought to be.

  2. The very simple issue here is that Naughton has no experience, no track record, and no perspective. Her campaign is based solely on her support from big pharma who see her as a gateway to higher drug prices and loose regulation. We need a representative who has already fought against right wing conservatives. Naughton should just step aside and throw her support to Santarsiero. She has no chance of winning and is only burning through money that could be better used for the general election.

  3. We are going to do everything possible to make sure that neither Naughton or Santarsiero wins the PA 8th! The last thing we need is another “Pat Murphy” type in OUR seat in Congress!

  4. Many voters today are less concerned with politics than the candidate’s grasp of issues and plan for representation. Let’s discuss platform rather than who endorses a candidate.

    And to the comment above, Fitzpatrick is retiring, so whether someone can beat him is not relevant in this upcoming primary and election.

  5. Steve is a person who has
    Served the political region for decades!
    He want born here but he certainly has
    LIVED here.
    He has always been a person who when involved
    In an issue or cause has contributed in such a way that we are all in a better place.
    He is not a political opportunist but rather
    a Public Servant.
    I have worked with him and supported him in LMT consistently on environmental issues.
    In his efforts

  6. I was present on Saturday at the endorsement and have to absolutely agree with David Leopold. There were about 260 enthusiastic committee persons present. The authentic voice of the party. The grassroots leaders and workers for Democrats. All but 11 endorsed Steve. Every municipality from Falls to Reiglesville. To say “a few dozen BCDC committee people” support Steve as “smarter” says suggests “smarter” needs a new handle. We were underestimated this last cycle as well and came within 725 votes of capturing the majority in the courthouse and had the best municipal cycle we have had in 30 years. The rank and file leaders and workers of our party want Steve.

  7. The message earlier today attributed to me did not come from me, nor anyone associated with me. I would appreciate it being removed immediately.
    I would never make such a debased comment about anyone in any forum.

  8. Naughton almost beat a better funded opponent 2 years ago. She has a cash advantage and name ID across the district. Without PACs steve wouldn’t even be close. He may have won an endorsement but he is going to lose the primary.

  9. 200,000 difference is a lot. So a few dozen more BCDC committee people support Santarsiero, and Naughton has $200,000 more and ran 2 years ago Congressional district-wide. I know which one most people choose.

  10. Steve should withdraw like Petri did today so he can still run in the 31st. Nobody can beat Fitzpatrick.

  11. Naughton may have more money at the moment, but she has virtually no support on the ground. She was rejected overwhelmingly at the endorsement meeting and unless TV ads give rides to voters to the polls, I’m not sure how she converts her funds into votes. For the record, I supported her two years ago, but was disappointed that she was such a mediocre candidate who had no real connection to the district save for the fact that she was born here.

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