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PA-8: Reagan Administration Alum Joins Petri Campaign

Scott-PetriState Rep. Scott Petri secured the support of a prominent Bucks County resident.

Former Navy Secretary John Lehman will be the senior national security advisor for Petri’s congressional campaign.

“I am excited to work with Scott Petri to help keep our nation safe,” Lehman said. “It’s important to have leaders in Congress who understand the threats facing our nation and who are willing to make decisions to protect Americans at home and abroad.”

“I am honored that Secretary Lehman has decided to join our campaign,” Petri responded. “Recent attacks in Paris and San Bernadino have demonstrated that our nation remains under threat from terrorists. Congress must be willing to lead and keep our citizens safe. Secretary Lehman brings an unparalleled level of expertise from his service as a member of the National Security Council, Secretary of the Navy, and member of the 9/11 Commission that examined how to prevent future terrorist attacks on our homeland. He is a welcome addition to our team and I’m honored to have his support.”

Lehman served on the National Security Council under Henry Kissinger. From 1981 to 1987, he was Secretary of the United States Navy in the Reagan Administration. He was also part of the 9/11 Commission.

The 8th District consists of all of Bucks County as well as part of upper Montgomery County.

22 Responses

  1. This will all be irrelevant after Petri loses the primary.

    For a site that claims to be on the inside they haven’t reported on the worst kept secret in bucks county history.

  2. Petri represents the interests of the 1%, not the majority of 8th CD residents. He opposes raising the minimum wage, opposes paid sick and paternal leave, opposes the millionaire tax, and wants to weaken organized labor.

  3. @Bucks Guy
    Scott Petri is one of the most articulate and intellectual state representatives in Harrisburg. His election to Congress will be a loss to the Commonwealth but a gain for our nation.

  4. Asked and answered. You can also include police officers. Why you count the good guys in your statistics is why the motives of gun grabbers are not sincere. They just don’t like guns. That’s why if they really cared, they’d be clamoring for the resources to put an armed resource officer in every school. They don’t because they’re hypocrites. Same reason they remain anonymous.

    There are millions of “assault rifles” in homes. The AR-15 is the most popular gun around and you think disarming the people who will follow the law makes everyone safer? You’ve already shown your ignorance. Don’t make others live in your fantasy land.

  5. Hey fact checker, once again I ask who are the “good guys”? We don’t live in cartoon-land where GI Joe battles Cobra. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and that means enforcing tight gun control laws. Instant background checks at gun shows, private gun sales reported to police, a ban on assault rifles and 30-round clips. Will it prevent all killings? No, but we can decrease the causalty rate.

  6. My opinion is not groundless it’s based on observations made while working with him in the House. Thinking Lehman sought him out for an endorsement – tsk, tsk– your naïveté a showing doctor.

  7. @ Bucks Guy:

    Your posture against Petri is groundless; indeed, I’m told that Lehman sought-out the opportunity to support him.

  8. You know what’s not tangential to this story: Scott Petri is a condescending clown. He’s not going win this primary, and he couldn’t beat any of the Democrats running either. His whole campaign is masturbatory. He is EXACTLY the wrong guy to send to Washington D.C. We need someone to go to D.C. and put the hammer down on the wimps like Paul Ryan. Scott Petri can’t do it.

  9. Despite your name, reality and you seem disconnected.

    Republican presidential candidates? You watch too much MSNBC and sound like a fool.

    Seriously, just tell the bad guys where you live and stop freeloading off the protection your armed neighbors provide to you from criminals who don’t respect gun laws. You can print a gun on a 3D printer for goodness sakes why do you want to disarm the good guys?

    You don’t know what an “assault rifle” is don’t know what an 80% is–you are not qualified to have a respected opinion on gun control.

  10. The GOP presidential candidates have exploited the lone wolf attacks in Paris and California. They have successfully created a narrative that ISIS fighters are lurking everyone and the “good guys” have to arm themselves to protect their families and the nation. It’s a cartoon that bears no substance. They’re slaves to the NRA and their rhetoric has enriched the gun manufacturers and made our nation a more dangerous place.

  11. People have wised up. It’s the gun free zones to be afraid of.

    Admit it, you want to take guns from everyone. That’s why you won’t ever use your real name because you don’t want the bad guys to know you’re an easy mark.

  12. There is nothing exceptional about a nation where 14,000 people are killed through gun violence. It’s a health epidemic, and legislators trying to alleviate the problem with sensible gun control legislation face obstacles mounted by the NRA and cartoonish politicians.

  13. All the prior postings are tangential to the key-point herein, namely, that Scott is wisely seeking counsel from a local who has validated cred; he understands the principles of how to apply American Exceptionalism [we met for an hour], and this will serve to ensure he can refine his knowledge-base.

  14. here’s some recent headlines of cars being used for mass destruction. Doesn’t seem that difficult.
    These are just parades. Notice this week’s las vegas sidewalk murderer isn’t even on it.

    Active shooters target no gun zones. Law enforcement protocol is now to confront and return fire as soon as possible, even before containment. That evidence based change has proven to bring a quick end to shootings. Disarming law abiding individuals, including shop owners–like the ones who prevented the entire city of Ferguson from burning (innocent people) to the ground, is the most asinine thing we could do in light of what we’ve learned.

  15. Oh, good. The government defines assault weapons according to the video below. I thought you were trying to ban firearms. Welcome to the 2A community. There’s a healthy, happy majority here to stand with you.

  16. Fact checker, an assault weapon is a weapon of mass destruction. It’s hard to turn a car into a WMD.

  17. What’s a good guy? I suppose you are if you protect your family when shooting an intruder–something you classify as “gun violence”. You clearly are not sane enough to drive a deadly car down a sidewalk. Maybe if we revoke your license to drive, we’ll all be guaranteed safety when you snap.

  18. Fact checker, what is a “good guy”, and what is a “bad guy”? Everyone is a “good guy” until they decide to go on some murderous rampage. And considering gun sales have increased we can expect more Americans snapping one day and going on killing sprees.

  19. Reality Check doesn’t even know what an “assault rifle” is. He also counts the use of good guys using guns to kill bad guys. What a fraud.

    Support for gun grabbers is tanking. Gun sales, already at historic levels are spiking. Cabelas in Hamburg was selling 40 firearms a day until San Bernardio, since they’ve been selling 200 a day.

    The Constitution hating antis know that their gun owning neighbors are the only thing that makes criminals think twice about invading their home. They’re all freeloaders.

  20. This is pretty much just a desperate attempt for Petri to say “SEE! I HEART REAGAN!!!!11!” to the primary electorate. Congressional campaigns don’t have policy advisors.

    As far as an endorsement goes, I guess it bolsters his national security ‘credentials’ such as they are. I mean, he’s just a state representative; it’s not like he’s taking on ISIS from Harrisburg. But I doubt that it matters much. People have no idea who John Lehman is, and I imagine if they think they do more people would associate the name with Lehman Bros.

  21. It’s funny when politicians huff and puff about ISIS – a landlocked militia that lacks any force projection threatening the U.S. Sure, there will be “lone wolf” attacks in the coming years, but the greater threat are the millions of high-powered assault rifles owned by Americans. Thus far in 2015, gun violence has taken the lives of 14,000 Americans. The real enemy is the NRA and the gun manufacturers, not ISIS.

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