PA-8: Report: Fitzpatrick’s Brother to Seek Seat

PA-8It seems we’re on the verge of a major shake-up in the open PA-8 congressional race.

According to Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer, Brian Fitzpatrick is planning on seeking the Bucks County GOP’s endorsement in the contest.

“I heard that he’s going to run,” PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason told Tamari.

Rumors have been heating up over the last month that Congressman Fitzpatrick’s brother is planning on entering the campaign. The younger Fitzpatrick went so far as to leave the FBI and move here from California.

A number of Republicans have already entered the race, chief among them State Rep. Scott Petri. Former Bucks County Commissioner Andrew Warren, former Bucks County Assistant DA Dean Malik and neuropsychologist Marc Duome are also seeking the nomination.

The 8th district consists of all of Bucks County as well as part of upper Montgomery County.

UPDATE: PoliticsPA reached out to the Petri campaign and received the following response:

Scott has been working for months to put together an organization and team to win the Republican Primary and the General Election. We look forward to a spirited race with whoever decides to run and if Congressman Fitzpatrick’s brother enters the fray we look forward to welcoming him back to Pennsylvania.

UPDATE 2: The Brian Fitzpatrick campaign has announced that he will in fact be running and will formally declare his candidacy today.

23 Responses

  1. I would like to be the first to congratulate Steve S. I respect anyone willing to run for congress and give up his house seat. Shows class. Unlike Lerch Petri the republican who really believes he deserves it because he didnt do anything in h burgh. And nothing in his district…… Have some BALLS and run only for congress. If you can’t find them ask shaunessy for some.)

  2. @ a Christmas Party @ which he was honored by Don/Teri Adams, a half-dozen people heard him [1]–state he understood and had no questions regarding my extensive legal analysis of the JCPOA, and [2]–jot down the names of key-staffers of the two aforementioned colleagues; and [3]–pledge to talk with them THE NEXT DAY and then call me to report back as to what had emerged as the impediment to litigating.

    He said he appreciated the threat to Western Civilization that this pact portends [noting that Kerry admitted billions will now fund Iranian Islamic Terror, yesterday, as anticipated] and that, therefore, this challenge transcended politics [and it wouldn’t be subject to the budget-bill “omnibus” capitulation which, BTW, he also supported].

    So, if your open foray suggests an adequate defense can be mounted for Brother Brian if/when he appears publicly by claiming Fitz has been “conservative,” don’t be shocked if his credibility is punctured in the process [and, thus, that of PP, his sponsor].

  3. @ Better Call Saul:

    You know not of what you write.

    Thrice, @ my behest, an amalgam of all major Bucks County Tea Party Movement groups issued press-releases reminding him that he had pledge to do “everything” possible to block ObamaDon’tCare; despite that fact, he voted to fund it.

    Corker, as it turns out, was ok with the Iran-Nuke Capitulation; others [too numerous to cite here, but perhaps to be compiled in #20 in a series of op-eds on this topic] capitulated, particularly Speaker Ryan [as per BOTH personal communication with D.C. and a piece in last Saturday’s “The Hill”].

    It matters not that BHO is being sued [or not sued] regarding individual issues; it matters that the House got standing to sue against the Executive Order regarding Illegals, thus providing a template for what Boehner had pledged to do in September [and what was blocked since then by those who unjustifiably fear BHO’s wrath].

    Until/unless you can rebut my info [plus the terrible voting record compiled by multiple conservative entities], you must admit Fitz isn’t a TRUE conservative and, thus, Brother Brian enters the race as “suspect” in this pivotal regard.

  4. Sklaroff, what do you want him to do about the ACA? He’s voted to repeal it how many times?

    Sold out to conservatives? Put down the sauce…find me one Republican in the caucus that is OK with the Iran-Nuclear deal.

    The President is being sued or seeing his executive orders in court left and right. You need to actually look at the process and be reminded that the President is a Democrat and not only does he not get along with the GOP, he actively suggests our views are trash.

  5. In representing “moderates,” Fitz has sold-out conservatives.


    I had maxed-out for him 6 years ago…twice…and he broke trust regarding his deepest campaign promises…such as regarding ObamaDon’tCare…consistently.

  6. How generous of him. Brother Brian — the “terrorist hunter” LOL — has come to save us. LOL.

  7. Awesome resume.

    Fitzpatrick has done a great job representing the moderate voters in Bucks county. Looking forward to what his brother can do.

  8. My money is on McIlhnney’s team. Karen hasn’t forgotten the score she needs to settle with Ms. Poprik.

  9. Who would support a guy coming from California who hasn’t lived there in… How many decades? And the cajones to trash Petri as if he isn’t already killing it fundraising and campaigning. I will enjoy this brief primary race until Brian… Allegedly… Comes home and realizes he has a fight for the primary endorsement. Mike Fitz should go slip into irrelevancy gracefully.

  10. Let’s see. Fitzpatrick lives in California. Sestak lives in Virginia. Knoll lives in Washington. Can’t we find someone from Pennsylvania to run for office?

  11. @ rsklaroff

    He needs to (and should want to) distinguish himself from his brother. They are 2 different people with completely different backgrounds.
    Mike being who is he does not automatically transfer to Brian via osmosis.
    If he tries to stage himself as a clone of his brother with all the same values and such, it just will show what a phony he is.

  12. Key test will be whether Brother Brian will be able to distinguish himself from the incumbent…and whether he will want to do so.

  13. Looks like the Republican Party of Bucks is going to self-implode this election. too many candidates.

  14. Maybe they can petition the Board of Elections to let him appear on the ballot as just “Fitzpatrick” with no first name.

  15. What are the chances that voters will think Brian Fitzpatrick is his incumbent brother?

    (hint: 100%)

  16. Nah don’t worry about it. Mike Fitzpatrick/Brian Fitzpatrick… who will know the difference. we are SOOOO lucky he moved back from California. What have we done without him for all these years. Tell him to grab a shovel and start digging his neighbors out. Oh that’s right he doesn’t have any neighbors in bucks.

  17. Scott Petri is a loser. You know where Brian Fitzpatrick was a week ago? Hunting terrorists in San Bernardino. You know where Scott Petri was a week ago? Hunting WAMs in Harrisburg.

  18. Fitzpatrick is the only chance the Republicans have to hold the seat. Petri would get crushed no matter who the Democrat opponent is.

  19. Here we go! The Fitzpatrick Boys and Pat Poprik have just decided to pick a fight with every state rep, senator, commissioner and most elected republican officials in bucks. Under Popriks leadership weve gone from the best party in the state to the verge of montco. Regardless of who wins, the party loses.

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