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PA-8: Santarsiero Premiers First General Election TV Ad (VIDEO)

PA-8 Democratic nominee and State Rep. Steve Santarsiero unveiled his first TV ad of the general election cycle today.

The thirty-second spot is running on broadcast TV as well as online. The campaign says that they made a six-figure buy for the first week.

“I’m Steve Santarsiero, and I approve this message because…” the candidate begins before a paperboy interrupts him with a delivery. “Because Steve puts people ahead of politics,” the paperboy finishes.

The opening reflects that while the substance of the commercial is very similar to other introductory ads, the editing is distinctive.

The spot goes on to tout Santarsiero’s refusal of legislative perks like per diems and a state car and his support of background checks and tax breaks.

Santarsiero is running against GOP nominee Brian Fitzpatrick in the state’s most competitive congressional race.

“Steve Santarsiero fails to mention in his ad that the reason he turned down a state car was because he instead chose to bill taxpayers over $24,000 in mileage reimbursements for his personal car,” NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack responded. “He has also requested hundreds of dollars in taxpayer-funded meal reimbursements. Simply put, Steve Santarsiero is nothing more than a lying fraud with no record of accomplishments as a Harrisburg politician.”

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

15 Responses

  1. Zero service? I’ll take teaching Bensalem’s youth over some jack booted federal thug any day.

  2. And Santar-zero isn’t a party hack? The guy who held meetings for municipal-level endorsements without the endorsement meetings even being announced (that’s as shady party-insider as it gets), and who then basically guilt-tripped these municipalities into endorsing him? “Common, I’m the State Rep and a party guy, and you know me”. Talk about being a party-hack.

  3. I never understood why people who have such disdain for the job of politicians run, or care who runs for office. Steve was a teacher and a lawyer before becoming a public servant. He gave up a highly paid job as a lawyer to serve his community. If you think politicians are so bad why put saint fitz through the ordeal of becoming one? Also why would you pick a congressman’s little brother? If you want an outsider in Washington how about voting for someone who doesn’t work for the federal government for most of his life. Fitz is a party hack, and anyone who has followed this election so far knows this.

  4. The kid is much less smarmy and disingenuous so they hand the narrative to him instead, which makes sense.

    Daughter packs her own lunch, give me a break. I guess his consultants have to work hard to make Santar-zero and his millions from Pepper Hamilton, lounging in Lower Makefield and strolling with his golden lab appear more down to earth. What a load of nonsense.

  5. G, Are you really that misinformed or are you just challenged by the truth? Brian Fitzpatrick was born and raised his entire life in Bucks County. Yes, there was a brief period when he was assigned to the FBI office in CA but other than that he, along with his 7 siblings, has been a Bucks resident. Don’t try to turn his honorable service as an FBI agent protecting us, into a negative against him. Bucks voters are much smarter than this, they will see his resume of being a CPA, a former US Attorney and an FBI agent who specialized in terrorism and political corruption and realize he is exactly what this country needs now, not another career politician who jumps from elected office to elected office like Santarsiero. First Santarsiero runs for Township supervisor in 2003, then he runs and loses for County Commissioneer in 2007…. the very next year in 2008 he runs for State Rep and now in 2016 he is running for Congress. Who is the politician here???

  6. Brian Fitzpatrick was born and raised HERE in Bucks County. Mr Santaserio was not. When Brian Fitzpatrick was not living in Bucks he was serving this country fighting terrorism and political corruption wherever the FBI sent him. I will vote for the man with an actual record of service over the political hack Santaserio who has exactly ZERO political accomplishments and ZERO service. The comments here attacking Fitzpatrick are either from people who simply lie or are simply ignorant of the truth.

  7. He’s a dedicated experienced public servant, who actually lives in PA unlike his Californian opponent, who is completely relying on his brother’s name to win. Have you seen Fitz’s signs? Tiny Brian huge Fitzpatrick. Not surprising from a guy who moved to his district hours before the deadline.

  8. Who is Steve Santazero? He does look like someone if you saw him coming down the street, you would cross to the other side.

  9. Granted I watched without the sound, but there are a ton of jump cuts, which make this somewhat disorienting. An open seat race is about name ID as much as anything, so this should help.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Santarsiero drop a poll in a few weeks that was in the field shortly after this ad ran–before Fitz runs anything.

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