PA-8: Santarsiero Wins Democratic Nomination

Steve-SantarsieroSteve Santarsiero is one step closer as he seeks a promotion from Harrisburg to Washington.

The State Representative, who has served the 31st district since 2009, won the PA-8 Democratic nomination with 50,367 votes (60%).

Shaughnessy Naughton, who came up 817 votes short in 2014, suffered a greater defeat tonight. With 61% of the precincts in, she has 33,810 votes (40%).

Meanwhile on the Republican side, Brian Fitzpatrick won his party’s nomination with 78%. This was not a surprise as he is the younger brother of retiring incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

This district is rated R+1 and is generally considered the only real toss-up in PA and one of the most competitive seats in the country.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

10 Responses

  1. Keep pushing gun control you Anti-American Loon maybe you should move across the river to the Communist Republic of New Jersey

  2. Santasiero has no chance against Fitzpatrick. The cowardly departure from the House floor rather than taking a stand will kill him.

  3. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but I wanted to congratulate you on your win yesterday. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

  4. Steve won by the votes of the majority of those who participated in the Primary election. Having been engaged in politics for a long time I can say that those who vote in Primaries usually have a deep sense of commitment to their political views and are not just stampeded into rash or unthoughtful decisions.

    He won, he will now challenge the Fitzpatrick (attempt at) Dynasty. I hope the General Election will focus on needs of our people in Bucks and who can best serve our children’s futures by helping to right our nations priorities. I hope that whoever wins will not write editorials in papers instead of legislating laws and other programs to rebuild our nation.

    Steve has earned his position as candidate and it is time for the partisans to get on board with the majority of just be silent. You lost get over it!

  5. Most of the so called experts who frequently opine on these stories were wrong. “Naughton by 2” “Naughton by 6”. Now, no comments. Those of us who worked tirelessly in the unglamorous work in our precincts, talking to real live voters for Steve, knew we would win. There are several lessons here. One, having a quality candidate with a strong record of real life achievement matters. Two, people are sick and tired of all the negativity and were angry about all the sleazy Naughton attack mailers and stories about this shadowy PAC of hers. Three, never underestimate the value of a group of committed local volunteers willing to go door to door, day in and day out, in an election. Those who only fly at the 30,000 foot level need to land their planes every once and awhile and engage those tiny specks they seem to think they can manipulate like sheep down on the ground. You know, our citizens.

  6. Typical PA in the general election, as the “hereditary” politician will likely win. So much for election by merit. Best to just have the same name.

  7. Well, Dirty Steve can now get shellacked by Fitzpatrick in the fall. I doubt anyone will vote for him after the video of him ducking out instead of voting for Bucks County families gets played 50 times a day by the NRCC

  8. I want to say congrats to you Steve Santarsiero for winning the primary, I will continue supporting you for the general election as well, and you will have a tough general election race with your Republican opponent Brian Fitzpatrick in the general election race for congress.

  9. Paging Sean Ryan, “April 14th Comment: “Naughton by 2” Ummmmmmmmmm, not exactly.

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