PA-8: Strouse and Naughton Unite Ahead of General Election

Bucks County Democrats United, Kevin Strouse for Congress
Photos courtesy of Wendy Badman

It was a competitive, close primary contest but now Democrats in Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District are focusing their sights on Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick.

That was the message of last night’s “unity” event between Democratic nominee Kevin Strouse and his primary opponent Shaughnessy Naughton.

Held at the Pag’s Pub and Wine Bar, a narrow space in the heart of Doylestown, about seventy supporters turned out to bury the interparty hatchet.

Both Strouse and Naughton gave brief comments to the assembled crowd. Strouse thanked those who came and applauded Naughton’s effort.

“Any candidate who climbs into the arena and runs for elective office deserves all our respect,” he said.

Naughton sought to rally the faithful against Fitzpatrick as well as pointing out that the Democrats need just two seats to take over the State Senate (if Wolf were to win the Governor’s race).

“Shaughnessy ran a strong, earnest campaign, and I sincerely appreciate her graciousness and willingness to stand with us as we take on Mike Fitzpatrick and bring new leadership to Congress,” Strouse said in a statement after the meeting. “Both Shaughnessy and her campaign team have expressed their desire to be as helpful as possible, and I am very thankful to have their support. Last night’s event drew supporters of both campaigns from every corner of the district, and it was inspiring to see such a large crowd of Democrats united to take on Fitzpatrick and Corbett this fall.”

“I said to Kevin on election night and I reiterated it last night, anything I and my campaign can do to help in November we will,” Naughton said.

4 Responses

  1. I attended the Unity event and it was a packed event and many on who were on both sides of the Primary line attended this event.

    There was some disappointment expressed by some but all of those I spoke to who were on the losing side agreed that it is imperative that Democrats turn Bucks Blue.

    We all agree that Kevin Strouse can win if we can get Democrats out to vote! If we do Mr. Fitzpatrick will be replaced by Kevin who actually spent most of the last decade in actual service to this nation. Kevin was actually working at protecting our values and not just stonewalling actions that will bring our nation into the 21st century.

    Mike Fitzpatrick is a person who formerly declared this will be his last run for office – I don’t want to see another Congressman intent on using his present position to get a new job in industry.

    It is time to take away any leverage Mr. Fitzpatrick has to continue to block the programs that would regulate an out of control business oriented national Republican conservative movement and put America’s middle class back to being the ones represented by our Congress!

  2. Actually, he was just picked by the voters of the 8th District. I couldn’t attend the event the other night, but I heard it was a packed house with a lot of excited and energetic Dems. Not seeing that anywhere on the other side.

  3. No one believes for a second that Strouse has a shot as he was a Pelosi DCCC picked candidate. Is it coincidence that the Gabby Giffords led PAC endorsed Fitzpatrick only a few short weeks after the Primary?

    No, it was because they recognized that Unlike Allyson Schwartz or anyone of the democratic members of congress has put forward reasonable legistlation intended to curb gun violence and sponsored a bill that would place the restrictions that we have here in PA on a national level.

    Couple this with the horrible campaign manager that Strouse has and the tepid support from the committee that Naughton won and you will see Strouse left on his on come mid October.

    Fitzpatrick by 23

  4. So that they are unified when they lose in November?

    Does anyone actually think that there is a legitimate shot Fitzpatrick loses? I didn’t think so.

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