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PA-8: Strouse Calls on Fitzpatrick to Sign Lobbying Pledge

DSC01671Lobbying is one of the more pervasive, and unpopular, trends in Washington, D.C. and Democratic nominee Kevin Strouse is pledging that if he is elected it will not compromise him.

Strouse reiterated his challenge to Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick at a press conference today. Strouse is calling on his opponent to sign a pledge to promise to never become a lobbyist after leaving the House and to disclose all meetings with lobbyists.

“I want a government that puts country and people, all people, first,” Strouse said.

The Democrat first put forward the pledge last week and called Fitzpatrick’s silence “a little disturbing”. He also brought up a vote to “neuter” the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as an example of Fitzpatrick doing the bidding of lobbyists.

Rep. Fitzpatrick serves on the House Financial Services Committee and is Vice-Chair of its Sub-committee on Oversight and Investigations. Strouse’s campaign points to this fact and Fitzpatrick’s attendance at a 2012 fundraiser on a yacht in South Florida as indications that he the Congressman has a prime opportunity to cash out once he leaves the House.

“While the hard-working families of the 8th District are fighting for a fair shot at the kind of economic opportunity once enjoyed by everyone in the middle-class, Congressman Fitzpatrick’s priority is to party with bankers and lobbyists at exclusive yacht clubs, despite sitting on the committee tasked with regulating them. While this might be acceptable in Speaker John Boehner’s Republican Congress, this type of behavior is unacceptable to me,” Strouse said.

Fitzpatrick’s campaign, however, vehemently denies these accusations.

“Mike Fitzpatrick has said he will not lobby. He has no interest in lobbying, and has encouraged other officials to follow his lead – on lobbying reform, declining Congressional healthcare and championing term limits,” Fitzpatrick Campaign Manager Sam Bolstein told PoliticsPA.

“He is fully committed to returning to Bucks County after his service to take care of his family, and will continue to work for the community he was born and raised in.”

The Strouse campaign held the press conference at the Bristol pier in front of the Delaware River. Flanked by supporters, volunteers and staffers the candidate gave a short statement and took questions from the media. The spot is just blocks down the road from the campaign’s office, allowing the candidate to walk to the event himself despite the oppressive heat.

8 Responses

  1. Strouse and his family get caught laundering tens of $$ thousands of dollars of campaign “contributions” …. and Strouse is out there pointing fingers!!??

    At least the local newspaper pointed out that Strouse takes lots of $$ campaign money from lobbyists and big business interests.

    When the reporter on the scene asked “What’s the difference?” … Strouse looked like he swallowed a canary.

  2. Mike Fitzpatrick’s campaigns are funded mostly by small donations by individuals. Lobbyists have a hard time twisting Mikes arm! Strouse is batting Fitzpatrick to gain in the polls. No thanks Strouse; I’ll vote for Fitzpatrick come Nov.4th.

  3. And I hope Strouse supporters thank Fitzpatrick for helping to bring the federal grants to Bristol Boro to expand the riverfront pavilion they like to use to hold meaningless press conferences.

  4. Level of Strouse Name ID despite weekly articles on liberal blog = .02%

    Fitzpatrick by 30.

  5. Outright corruption?

    Ok grandma, put the kool-aid down before you hurt yourself.

  6. Fitzpatrick takes donations from people, businesses, and industry lobbyists he is supposed to be regulating on the Financial Services committee. That is a conflict of interest… heck, it is outright corruption.

    Strouse getting donations from parents? So what.

  7. His parents skirt campaign finance laws and then he tries to deflect with a non-issue?

    Amateur hour down in Bristol, PA.

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