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PA-8: Strouse Debuts First Ad Entitled “Seriously”

Democratic candidate for PA-8 Kevin Strouse is set to debut his first television ad on both cable and broadcast networks.

The ad runs thirty seconds long and is entitled “Seriously.”

“I’m Kevin Strouse. People say I’m a serious guy — and they’re right,” says Strouse to the camera.

“I’m serious about education, and I direct a nonprofit that works with schools. And as someone who got help from the G.I. Bill, I’m serious about making college affordable for every kid.”

strouse adAll of this serious talk is juxtaposed with images of Strouse playing with his children in their living room and kitchen.

“Now I’m running for Congress because we need to rebuild the middle class,” he says.

“I’m Kevin Strouse and I approve this message. Seriously.” Strouse then laughs as if he can no longer keep the serious act up.

Strouse is campaigning against businesswoman Shaughnessy Naughton in the upcoming Democratic primary in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District.

The winner of the primary will face incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) who has held the PA-8 since 2011. Fitzpatrick has a large war chest of funds to run a very strong campaign leading up to the general.

23 Responses

  1. Its entertaining and isn’t everyone tired of gubernatorial candidates telling everyone they are going to rebuild the middle class or that they are so completely in love with the ACA, not that I don’t agree with those position but I mean we get it already

  2. I don’t know…it sort of takes away his cred…I could see GIF images being made out of this…

  3. Clutch is an ignoramus. Go back down the basement and play your Ninetendo, take a drink from your sippy cup, and ask Mom for some meat loaf. Buffoon.

  4. I like this ad … I think it will break through and get people’s attention. It seems to me like more of a general election message, though.

  5. clutch… i’m not sure how you can compare mangled smoking car wreckage to a father playing with his children talking about his years of service to this country.

  6. Yeah tommy, this ad “grabs your attention” ….

    like when you’re driving down 95 and see a “serious” car crash on the side of the highway with mangled smoking wreckage.

  7. Good first ad. However…
    PoliticsPA’s April 1st article on this race sums it up pretty well.

  8. @toots is right, the ad immediately grabs your attention. Like Strouse, it’s incredibly smart. SNL has been on the air for almost 30 yrs, Clutch, so making the comparison is truly a compliment!
    Strouse by 15%

  9. 11 comments already? The ad obviously worked…. kudos to the Strouse campaign for creating an ad that makes people stop and debate. Brilliant! Can’t wait to see Fitzie’s ad sitting in Starbucks with Deon and Poprik, while his eyebrows twitch like two caterpillars in some sub-Saharan mating ritual, discussing who will get the next no-bid contract. Seriously.

  10. Research shows this ad appeals to the 12-year-old Nintendo demographic ….

    … and it polls really well at frat parties …

  11. I first thought this ad was a skit on Saturday Night Live.

    Actually, I’m still not so sure it’s not.

  12. I agree with 13thDvoter, too lite and casual. It might be an introductory ad before the go more serious. I don’t live in the 13th, but I want serious leaders who can go to Washington and call out idiots like Issa, Gohmert etc and challenge Boehner and the do nothing majority in the House.

  13. Its pretty funny I can’t vote in the primary but I am always a fan of ads that don’t make me want to fall asleep

  14. Hmm, not what I would have expected… but I think that’s the point? Refreshing to see something different than all the same suits talking to a crowd.

  15. It’s refreshing to see a political advertisement, that doesn’t state the obvious: lower taxes, rebuild the middle class, etc.

  16. OK, it’s official. McGinty no longer holds the distinction of having the worst TV ads of this primary season.

  17. This has to be the absolute worst and most annoying music I have ever heard on a political ad.
    FYI, I don’t live in the 8th, so can’t vote in the race.

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