PA-8: Strouse Goes After Fitzpatrick in Latest TV Ad (VIDEO)

Kevin Strouse is taking the first shot in the PA-8 ad wars.

The Strouse campaign unveiled their second commercial today and unlike their first one, it takes direct aim at Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Bothers Me”, features people talking online about Rep. Fitzpatrick.

“Here’s what bothers me,” one woman states. “Mike Fitzpatrick took over $70,000 from big oil.”

“Yeah, and he’s just like Governor Corbett,” another man responds. “Letting oil companies off the hook without an extraction fee for drilling our natural resources.”

The ad also asserts that Fitzpatrick opposes abortion in all cases and voted to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood.

“Mike Fitzpatrick’s just not for me,” the commercial concludes.

Strouse, an Afghanistan and Iraq War veteran, is running against three-term incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. The 8th district represents all of Bucks County and parts of upper Montgomery County.

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8 thoughts on “PA-8: Strouse Goes After Fitzpatrick in Latest TV Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. Bob from Bucks says:

    I can’t help but notice that everytime there is a story about PA-8, “sean ryan” and “better call saul” have a comment up minutes after the story. Kind of funny, and looks like it’s just Fitzpatrick’s campaign manager whining everytime he gets an alert that there’s a story about Strouse.

    Loving the comments here guys–seems like Strouse is really getting under your skin!

  2. Rob says:

    Strouse and his DC handlers are getting very desperate! NO documentation, no sources, just a bunch of B.S!

    Sorry Kevin! No dice for you! On November 5, you will be just another footnote in history!

  3. sean ryan says:

    Maybe Nick Fields CIA handler told him to gradually let Strouse slip away into obscurity like other Democratic also rans like Ginny Schrader.

  4. better call saul says:

    @Sean Ryan

    I noticed a lack of editorializing for this article.

  5. Sean Ryan says:

    It is funny the Nick Field didn’t contact the Fitzpatrick campaign for their comments. Even he knows this ad is full of rhetoric and lies.

  6. Observer2 says:

    When there aren’t any sources for the claims on screen, the claims are BS.

  7. better call saul says:

    Desperate actions by a desperate campaign.

  8. sean ryan says:

    So Strouse who has no name ID in the district is no resorting to lies about well known and established positions of a very well known congressman?

    Yup, Strouse is as desperate as they come.
    Fitzpatrick by 30.

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