PA-8: Strouse Premieres First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Kevin Strouse is a first-time candidate so he used his first general election TV ad to introduce himself to voters.

“We’re all tired of politics,” Strouse begins. “We just want what’s best for our kids.”

Joined by his wife and two young kids, Strouse describes his background as an Army Ranger with experience serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Congress should do their [job], help small business and improve education,” he states. “If they don’t pass a budget, they shouldn’t get paid.”

“And let’s ban politicians from becoming lobbyists permanently,” Strouse concludes. “So Washington works for us and we can rebuild the middle class.”

Strouse is running against three-term Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick for Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District. The 8th comprises all of Bucks County and parts of upper Montgomery County.

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3 thoughts on “PA-8: Strouse Premieres First TV Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. James Cracorn says:

    Are there any recent polls on the Fitzpatrick-Strouse race?

  2. Dude says:

    Fitzpatrick isn’t even bothering to pretend to run. It is a shame he is term limiting himself. He’s perfect for that district. Maybe the party can convince him to run against Casey.

  3. sean ryan says:

    Not one word from Fitzpatrick’s campaign?

    Oh wait, they don’t mention the “unknown comic”, I mean unknown candidate.

    Fitzpatrick by 30

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