PA-8: Strouse Slammed by NRCC; Calls Out Fitzpatrick on ENDA (VIDEO)

Strouse-FitzpatrickThe race in PA-8 is heating up, and both sides are on the attack as election day nears.

Democrat Kevin Strouse is the target of a new robo call from the NRCC. Strouse, for his part, has released a statement condemning Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s stance on ENDA.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has paid for robo calls that attack Kevin Strouse for his “Washington Democrat talking points.”

“Instead of communicating his own opinions about key issues to taxpayers in Pennsylvania, Kevin Strouse regurgitates the DCCC’s liberal and tired rhetoric that is sent to him every morning by Nancy Pelosi’s campaign organization,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Strouse owes it to voters to stop relying on cookie-cutter talking points and start substantively explaining his support for Pelosi’s liberal agenda.”

Strouse Asks for Answers on ENDA

Strouse, who is running as the Democratic nominee against Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick in PA’s 8th congressional district, released his own statement calling on his opponent to take a stand on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which aims to protect the LGBT community.

According to a recent poll, 82% of Southeastern Pennsylvania residents support ENDA. Strouse’s campaign wants to know why Fitzpatrick has not spoken out publicly about the issue.

“It’s disappointing that Congressman Fitzpatrick would stay silent on this issue because of his own self-interest in not angering his tea-party base, when supporting ENDA is clearly the right thing to do for the district,” Strouse said. “We should be doing everything we can to make Bucks and Montgomery counties a destination of opportunity for new businesses and the young professionals who will want to seek employment with them in a community free from discrimination.”

When asked for comment on the NRCC calls, the Strouse campaign pointed to the lack of any response from the Fitzpatrick to their questions about ENDA and a no-lobbying pledge the Democratic nominee proposed last week.

5 Responses

  1. Passive voice headline leading an article citing an unspecified poll that must have restricted itself to one or all suburban counties of “southeastern Pennsylvania”…I suppose in a way it’s a metaphysical triumph–covering the politics in a muddled and obviated manner similar to one of the subjects of the article; that being the recyled and droll rhetoric the nat’l parties insist on propogating. Shitty journalism for a shitty subject. *brushes beard**pours small-batch IPA*

  2. Two exceptions to at will employment, are a specific employment contract, or violation of a non discrimination law, such as Race, sex religion or potentially, ENDA

  3. In 2006 Fitzpatrick stated he would not become a lobbyist after he left office. He will return to BCM and work as an attorney.

    Also it appears that Kevin Strouse is not up to speed for employment law in PA. Our commonwealth is an “At Will” state that allows employers to fire you without a reason. Literally if they don’t like the color of your shirt, you can be terminated. The only exception is if you are covered by a employment contract with termination clauses.

  4. Yo Champ in Making!

    You may want to have your parents start reviewing how much they pay your staffers. A quick google search confirmed Fitzpatrick already said he wasn’t going to lobby after Congress.

    But then again, that was 7 years before you moved to the district to run for Congress.

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