PA-9: Halvorson Goes After Shuster in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Art Halvorson released a new ad today directed toward his GOP primary opponent, Congressman Bill Shuster.

The commercial blasts the Congressman’s voting record by claiming Shuster “sold out” and supported Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and amnesty among other things.

It also mentions Shuster’s relationship with an airline lobbyist.

“Our country is in deep trouble because of career politicians like Bill Shuster and their betrayal,” Halvorson spokesman Joe Sterns said. “Come election day, Republican primary voters will have a clear choice between Shuster and Art Halvorson, a principled conservative who will help rescue America by leading with integrity on Republican values and priorities,” Sterns added.

Sterns also noted that the thirty-second spot could not give them enough time to really go through “the depth of Shuster’s betrayal”.

The two will face off in their rematch of 2014 on April 26th.

7 Responses

  1. Gotta love Shuster’s lackeys. In 2014 Shuster ran the nastiest campaign I’ve ever seen and they cheered. Now Halvorson makes legitimate criticisms of Shuster’s record and challenges Shuster to debate and it injures their fragile sensibilities.

  2. What is Art for? He reminds me of the new Meghan Trainer song “NO” My name is – No, My sign is -No, my number is – no. “I’m Art Halvorson and if you vote for me I will vote NO on everything. Send me to congress to collect a second government paycheck and do nothing.”

    Wake up Art – people don’t want your bad angry attitude. You and Bernie are two peas in a pod.

  3. Talk about sleaze that’s all what Halvorson’s supporters are looking for. Nothing positive just negative attacks. Continue to spread rumors and attack Bill for celebrating at a wedding. It’s getting disgusting.

  4. Not sure how this will play up here, pretty dark ad. Some think it’s time for BS to go, but you also told tea party you’d run positive. Who created this for you? Haven’t seen on tv yet but you could still probably cancel.

  5. People who comment here need to understand they are not auditioning as writers for House of Cards.

  6. I would strongly encourage reporting on the relationship between the Congressman and Vin Roberti.

    For example, the Congressman was a guest at Vin’s (third) wedding in Manhattan in May 2013. Vin married a fellow lobbyist – young enough to be his daughter.

    The wedding included the Congressman stripping to his undershirt, sweating profusely on the dance floor. He was joined not only by Shelley, but was also having a blast with Congresswoman Maloney – even helping her dance while her foot was healing in a boot.

    I know you can also find photos of him having a blast on the dance floor late night with liberal leaders Nancy Pelosi and John Larson.

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