PA-9: Halvorson To Be Democratic Nominee?

Art-HalvorsonArt Halvorson lost the Republican primary in PA-9 last month but the Democratic contest may give him a second chance.

Halverson caught his second wind thanks to write-in votes in the Democratic primary.

Stephanie Akin of Roll Call is reporting that Halverson has edged ahead of Democratic candidate Adam Sedlock by a 1,080 to 1,036 margin.

Halverson and Sedlock both petitioned in several precincts to have every possible misspelling of their names counted due to the closeness of the tally, though Halverson has not publicly confirmed whether he’ll accept the Democratic nomination if he is determined to be the winner by the Pennsylvania Department of State.

This would create quite the conundrum for Halvorson as he ran to the right of Rep. Bill Shuster in the 2014 and 2016 primaries. Nonetheless, Shuster won by just 1,227 votes and may still be vulnerable. It would be difficult to pass up an opportunity to score a victory he has been striving towards for three years.

According to Kecia Bal of the Tribune-Democrat, Halverson appreciates the support from voters, and is “trying to take [the process] methodically.”

The 9th Congressional District consists of all or parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

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13 thoughts on “PA-9: Halvorson To Be Democratic Nominee?”

  1. rahu7 says:

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  2. Mike L. says:

    I see potential de facto term limits in action and a constitutional candidate for congress, in spite of the establishment mechanisms. Good on ’em.

  3. Mike L. says:

    What I see, hopefully, are much needed, grass roots term limits in action! His platform is constitutional and if his supporters found a legal route through the red/blue party establishment juggernaut to get him on the Nov. ballot, good on ’em.

  4. Donaghue says:

    what a JOKE!

  5. Robert Guzzardi says:

    I hope Art Halvorson can run as a Democrat. In general election, the Democratic turnout plus the Trump Republican turnout may be enough. A Trump voter may not be a Halvorson voter, nevertheless, the opportunity is thee for Art.

  6. Denny Bonavita says:

    Why would Halvorson running as a Democrat be an outrage? More than 1,000 Democrats wrote in his name; they must want him. The truth is that Shuster has to go, and Halvorson’s name recognition is much higher than Sedlock’s.

  7. Zakrey Bissell says:

    it would be very tough for Art Halvorson is to win the congressional district as a democrat and against a incumbent congressman as well.

  8. jmarshak says:

    Suppose that Halvorson had just barely beaten Shuster last month and Shuster had garnered enough write-ins to be the Democrat in the fall. Do you really think that Shuster wouldn’t go for it too?

  9. Observer says:

    Art would be the best thing to happen to the democrats in the southwest. A winner in a red district for sure. Listen to the Kooks has turned the state redder and redder!

  10. Shyster Booster says:

    Art is willing to say and do anything to beat Bill. Art is now a joke and will lose 3 elections in less than two years. Art does not support Trump and that will be his downfall.

  11. John says:

    @ Isaac L. you are correct. He stated that he did not recruit Democratic write-ins that is just a plain LIE. I know people that were asked to do so.

  12. Isaac L. says:

    Halvorson running on the Democratic ticket would be an outrage.

  13. Jack says:

    Will Shuster have to pay for his plane ticket out of DC, or will the airline lobby comp him?

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