PA-9: Map: Shuster’s Survival

One thousand two hundred and twenty-seven.

Art Halvorson’s years-long effort to unseat Congressman Bill Shuster, which was aided by revelations about the incumbent’s personal life, came up 1,227 votes short.

When all the votes were counted, Shuster finished with 49,393 (50.63%) while Halvorson received 48,166 (49.37%).

I’ve created a map below that breaks down the results by voting district. Light salmon signifies Shuster received 50%-53%, tomato signifies Shuster received 53%-58%, red signifies Shuster received 58%-63%, maroon signifies Shuster received 63% or more. Plum signifies Halvorson received 50%-53%, orchid signifies Halvorson received 53%-58%, purple signifies Halvorson received 58%-63%, indigo signifies Halvorson received 63% or more. Yellow signifies that the district was tied.

PA-9 Map

As you can see PA-9 is a sprawling district over several counties. Shuster won seven of those counties: Fayette (3,923 margin), Somerset (1,446), Washington (1,226), Cambria (718), Greene (579), Huntingdon (165) and Westmoreland (130).

Halvorson meanwhile prevailed in the other five counties: Indiana (3,180 margin), Blair (2,043), Bedford (1,293), Franklin (372) and Fulton (72).

Shuster is unopposed in the general election as he runs for his ninth term. It wouldn’t be surprising, though, if Halvorson tries to see if the third time will be the charm in 2018.

8 Responses

  1. Lol did you give Art the blue-ish colors because he’s a Dem now? DemocArt must not care at all about 2018

  2. I concur that, if Halvorson gets the Democratic nomination, Shuster could be out in November.

  3. The race is not yet over as Halvorsan is contesting the democratic write in I firmly believe that if he gets another shit at shuster this year that he could prevail especially if e receives Cpac monies he once spent 225,000 in the primary and shuster spent 1.5 million and only won by 1200 votes the libertarians and independents will certainly make a difference in the general election should they get the opportunity this could be a barn burner !

  4. The parts of the district that Shuster has represented for his entire career mostly went for Halvorson while the new ones that were added in 2012 saved Shuster’s skin. I don’t think he survives if Halvorson or someone else goes after him in 2018.

  5. I think for Shuster is tough to beat in these elections and I think for the challengers should wait until he does retires in some year.

  6. Light salmon? Tomato? Plum? Is this a political blog or a cooking show?

  7. That’s because they’re all shades of the same color.

  8. Might be the post-lunch slump, but this color scheme makes no sense to me.

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