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PA-9: NRA Endorses Rep. Bill Shuster

bill_shusterOn Thursday the National Rifle Association (NRA) announced its official endorsement of Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Briar) in the fight to retain his seat in Pennsylvania’s 9th District.

“Bill has a strong record of support for our Second Amendment freedoms,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA Political Victory Fund. “We encourage all NRA members and gun owners in Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District to vote Bill Shuster for Congress on May 20.”

The organization also made note of Shuster’s support for the National Right-to Carry Reciprocity Act, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, and his role in voting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for his role in the Fast and Furious Scandal. Holder was involved in the situation, allowing licensed firearm dealers to sell weapons to illegal buyers in hopes of tracking down Mexican drug cartel leaders.

“The right to bear arms is a constitutional guarantee for law-abiding citizens, and I’m proud to have the NRA standing with my campaign as together we ensure the Second Amendment is protected,” said Congressman Shuster. “I’ve opposed President Obama and Michael Bloomberg’s attempted gun control agenda every step of the way and that will continue as long as I’m representing Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District in Congress.”

Shuster’s campaign has also gained the endorsement of a couple of other conservative groups aside from the NRA, including the National Right to Life and the Freedom and Opportunity PAC.

Shuster faces businessman Art Halvorson and Travis Schooley in the Republican primary for the 9th district, with Alanna Hartzok running as a Democrat.

4 Responses

  1. A few of us pointed out to Rep. Shuster that the tags on his big red shrink-wrapped bus have expired. He smiled & responded, ” It’s not my bus. My brother owns it.”

    I guess his brother is in charge of all the Shuster campaign signs planted along our interstate highways, too!

  2. I say we shouldn’t try and arrest gun owners or even bother to confiscate their weapons. Let’s just take them out in the street and shoot them with their own weapons and be done with it. The sooner the better. How much you wanna bet the average IQ in the US would take a big jump after the deed was done. And in terms of gun owners rising up against America that doesn’t scare me because its nothing a couple of well-placed cruise missiles couldn’t easily resolve in an instant especially if one was aimed directly at the roof of NRA headquarters. 75-Adults 8-Children Killed by Guns in US Yesterday:

  3. I have belonged to the NRA for over 30 years and I am very disappointed. I once heard Mr Shuster give a speech where he admitted that he knows absolutely nothing about guns!

  4. Nothing like backing one of the most worthless politicians to lose credibility!
    Shuster is a waste of a congressman and what is wrong with this country!

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