PA-9: NRA Endorses Shuster

Bill-ShusterCongressman Bill Shuster is literally bringing in the big guns.

Rep. Shuster is facing a serious primary challenger from his right in the form of Art Halvorson.

As a result, the NRA is stepping in and vouching for the incumbent ahead of the April 26th election.

“Thank you for your steadfast support of the Second Amendment,” NRA Chairman Chris Cox stated while pointing to Shuster’s “A” grade from the interest group.

“As a consistent and effective advocate for Pennsylvania gun owners, I’m proud to have earned the support of the NRA this year for my work on important issues,” Shuster responded. “While our work to stop Obama’s radical anti-gun agenda will continue, I am hopeful that under a new Republican president we can continue advancing the rights of all gun owners as guaranteed by our Second Amendment.”

The 9th Congressional District consists of all or parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

14 Responses

  1. Sam,
    You have proved my point. Go find a paramilitary group to join and run to the hills and don’t bother coming back.

  2. Shuster Booster: He will not be my congressman because I don’t even live in the district anymore. Now go be a good supporter and go give Bill another blowjob.

  3. Shuster Booster: your the only supporter of Shuster’s on this website so I wouldn’t be bragging too much about your criminal Congressman!

  4. This NRA member would vote for Halvorsan if I lived in that district (I’m in Thompson’s 5th.) It’s not that I like the tea party. It is that Shuster is a drunken whoremonger, to put it politely. Get him out now, and then in two years, if Halvorsan is not up to the job, get a centrist in there.

  5. why would the NRA alienate supporters by choosing one candidate over another, when both support gun rights? Poor decision by NRA

  6. Where are all the negative Halvorson supporters tonight? Very quiet still looking for dirt on NRS and Right to Life?

  7. Shyster got the endorsement of the NRA in 2014 and he barely won the primary election.

  8. Wait the crickets are still chirping…. Halvorson’s supporters are digging up dirt on the NRA because any organization that endorses Shuster must be liberal progressives.
    Halvorson’s supporters are now claiming that the NRA does not do a good job protecting your 2nd amendment rights. They are looking for local paramilitary to protect our gun rights.

  9. Halvorson is part of the tea bagger group that is desperately trying to destroy the Republicans in PA for reasons that no sane voter can ever understand. A Republican so much as speaks to a Democrat and all of a sudden they’re a “Rino”. Have fun trying to make yourselves relevant while the Democrats keep taking advantage of your cannibalistic ways.

  10. The NRA must be a liberal organization to endorse Bill Shuster. The crying and negativity will begin soon from Halvorson supporters. This should be a fun post… Wait I here crickets chirping they are plotting on who to attack.

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