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PA-9: Shuster-Halvorson Debate Gets Personal

Shuster-HalvorsonThe GOP primary battle between Congressman Bill Shuster and Art Halvorson has become the nastiest and most personal of this election season.

The two already had a deep-seated enmity, after all they ran against each other in 2014, but Rep. Shuster’s personal revelations have taken matters to a whole other level.

This could be seen in the candidates’ one and only debate, which was covered by Sarah Wheaton of Politico (Politico is also the site that first uncovered Shuster’s relationship).

“I’m not owned by the lobbyists; Mr. Shuster is,” Halvorson charged. “In fact, he cavorts with a lobbyist who lobbies his committee.”

“What’s disgraceful is [Halvorson’s] continued personal attacks on me, his misrepresentation of my record. In fact, some of it is just plain not true, but he continues to say it,” Shuster countered. “The people of the 9th Congressional [District] know me, because I’m from here. I didn’t conveniently move back to the district to run here, to spend my wealth.”

Halvorson even went after Shuster’s father, Bud, whose career mirrored his son in many ways. Bud Shuster also was a Congressman and Chair of the Transportation Committee who was forced to step down in 2001 after questions emerged about his relationship with a lobbyist. Bill Shuster won the special election to replace him.

Apparently the Shakespearean nature of the tale was just too much for Halvorson to resist.

“We had a senior congressman who was chairman of transportation, was reprimanded and resigned in disgrace, and 16 years later we have a similar, almost exact situation happening,” Halvorson said. “And yet it’s OK, and somehow the ethics must’ve changed, or else the friends of the current congressman have allowed a different interpretation of the House ethics rules.”

“But as I read it, this close intimate relationship with a lobbyist who has access to his committee and who is able to pass fast-track legislation through his committee and then cavort on South Beach, Florida, almost as a celebration of what they had just foisted on the American public, I think is disgraceful and I think is grounds for him to resign,” he concluded.

Shuster meanwhile attacked Halvorson for accusing the Congressman of only wanting to debate along the Democratic fringes of the district. Rep. Shuster asserted this attitude shows his challenger doesn’t understand the area he is trying to represent.

The 9th Congressional District consists of all or parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

The primary election is set for April 26th.

28 Responses

  1. If Shuster does not resign, he may face the same fate as his father. Then, voters may face a “special” election. VOTE HALVORSON AGAIN!!!

  2. My hope is that HALVORSON not concede the contested April 26th election, since corruption seems to be at work here. PLEASE ask for a RECOUNT!!!!!

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  4. The comments made by these Shuster supporters are shameful! Everyone needs to get out and vote on the 26th and remove the Shuster’s from PA-09 once and for all!! Halvorson 2016!

  5. Echo chamber continues. Bill does this Bill does that. What disgusting thing has Bill stated about Art? All the negativity comes from the Halvorson camp. Look at the comments it is all a broken record. Who was endorsed by the NRA? Who was endorsed by National Right to Life? 100% pro gun and pro life. Must be Halvorson but it was Bill Shuster who was endorsed by conservative groups.

  6. Joe is correct Bill was and always has been a skirt chaser! He blames Art for attacking his family? I think Bill attacked his own family with all of his extramarital affairs! As for Bills record, please Bill hasn’t done nothing for PA-09 except line his wallet full of CASH!

  7. Bill Shuster has always been a skirt chaser. When he was serving his second term still supposedly happily married I was invited to a business gathering at a bar-restaurant in Downtown Pittsburgh. Bill Shuster was there. He was drinking and pretty much a pig with women at the party all night. Shuster just found a lobbyist who happened to be a woman he had an affair with and divorced his wife. I am insulted by the adds that say he is a conservative that supports American values. If that is the case look for a liberal to vote for congressman.

  8. Bill Shuster has been a champion for conservatism in Washington for years, and all Art’s campaign wants to do is launch personal attacks on him and his family. Shameful! It’s easy to spout attack after attack, but it’s another thing to govern. All talk and no action in Congress means we lose. Art wins, we lose.

  9. Lets face the fact that Shuster pays his supporters to write these false and disgusting comments about Art Halvorson. Art talks about the real issues of this campaign and Bill Shyster takes them as personal attacks?! Give me a break! Shyster has spent 15 years wining and dining on the public dime, while ignoring the concerns and struggles of the people in his district. Art mentioning Bud Shuster is fair game! Bud resigned in disgrace in 2001 because he was being investigated by the House Ethics Committee.

  10. Nice try but you proved you are all political hacks. Remember imitation is the greatest form of flattery. It appears the Halvorson twins are spending their time “cavorting” with each other. You all have a one track mind it’s almost sad.

  11. Bill Shuster is a family man of high ethical standards! We should be proud to have Bill Shuster represent us! Unlike Art, who had numerous affairs outside his marriage, we can count on Mr. Shuster to represent us with his high moral and ethical values! God Bless Bill Shuster!

  12. By way since I am ranting, that uneducated country hick Erich Hawbaker gets paid also by the Halvorson campaign to write false hit pieces on Conservative Bill Shuster! Erich Hawbaker and people like Joshua Bussard are like most people of PA-9 uneducated, country hicks that distort Mr. Shuster’s Conservative record!

  13. Mr. Shuster is a Conservative Icon! I am being to think that all of these voters in PA-9 are just stupid country hicks! They morons don’t deserve a Conservative Icon and a man of high ethical and moral values like Mr. Bill Shuster! By the way, Sam is no better then that unethical paid hack of the Halvorson, Joshua Bussard. Joshua gets paid to write hit pieces on this website and his YouTube videos, which no one watches!

  14. Art’s character was revealed when he attacked an elderly man. Where is this virtue and integrity that he talks about all the time. Art’s supporters are stuck in a echo chamber where they yell about sleaze and attack an old man. I hope it does not stop because this lunacy ensures a victory for Bill.
    Art and his Do Nothing supporters still have not talked about creating jobs or given a vision on how to lead in Congress.

  15. Most of these false, negative and disgusting personal attacks on Conservative Bill Shuster is made by a Joshua Bussard. Mr. Bussard works for the Halvorson campaign to post negative stories and degusting personal attacks on conservative Bill Shuster.

  16. Personal attacks or not Shyster has to go! Shyster has done nothing for PA-9 in his 15 years of service or lack thereof service. I personally don’t like attacks on a elderly man but Bud Shuster sleaze record speaks for itself. Like father like son. Halvorson 2016.

  17. Sam proves my point. Halvorson and his supporters only talk about sleaze and bash an elderly father. No vision no purpose other than blatant attacks.

  18. Bill Shuster is a criminal just like his father Bud Shuster! Before Bill was sleeping with a lobbyist his father Bud was sleeping with Ann Eppard a former Shuster aide and DC lobbyist! Bill was sleeping with his airline lobbyist girlfriend long before he got a divorced from his wife. Talk about strong conservative values, LOL. Shuster is controlled by lobbyists that bribes him with money and sexual favors!

  19. I agree with Tom. Bill was endorsed by the NRA. Bill was endorsed by National Right to Life. Bill has helped the Mon Valley and Bill has worked to extend 219 to 68. Art would do zero for the 9th because he would be voting no on all projects. Art has no idea where the Mon Valley is because he thinks it’s all Democrsts. This is an easy choice Vote Shuster on April 26th.

  20. I agree with Shuster Booster nobody is fooled here Bill is a solid pro-family conservative

  21. Halvorson is disgraceful for attacking Bill’s father. Shame on you Art, this debate proves that you are a bitter angry man. Your vision was to attack Bill’s family and you used a word like cavorting. No one talks like that. Get a grip on reality and please move out of the 9th because you are not welcome here

  22. Bill Shuster needs to be voted out! Shuster’s dismal 15 year voting record and the fact he sleeps with lobbyists in exchange for favorable legislation is disgraceful!

  23. I grew up in central Pennsylvania, and after all these years, it’s astonishing to me that after all this time these two clowns are still the best the 9th district can do.

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