PA-9: Shuster Reaches 1,000 Signatures, Cuts Ribbon On New Office

Rep. Shuster
Rep. Shuster

Off of Lincoln Way in Chambersburg, behind a Perkin’s and next to an Ollie’s Odd Lot Outlet, lies Rep. Bill Shuster’s (R-Blair) brand new Franklin County Campaign Office, officially opened up today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“I can’t thank you enough,” Shuster said to the crowd, which included Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin) and State Senator Richard Alloway II. Shuster’s opponent Art Halvorson had been at the office before Shuster arrived, but left several minutes before the ceremony began.

Shuster commented on the fact that Halvorson had placed his campaign material out on the table along with Shuster’s, saying that he feels he’s “subsidizing his opponent,” remarking on the irony of this when it comes to Halvorson’s view on subsidies.

Shuster also spoke about the 1,000 signatures he had received in order to get him on the ballot. “I get a little crazy during the petition weeks,” he joked, and added, “I’m sure we’re gonna get a lot more than 1,000 with your effort.”

Indeed, during and after the ceremony, Shuster’s campaign manager Sean Joyce was in constant contact with their staffers who were attempting to use the state’s new system for counting petitions. About 10 or 15 minutes after 5:00, the news came in that Shuster had his 1,000 signatures and he would be officially on the ballot, barring an enormous petition signature challenge.

Shuster and Joyce explained that this was the first time in the entire state that the system had been used. Since he was the first candidate to turn his signatures in, Shuster became the first candidate to be on the ballot in the state of Pennsylvania.

“Our grassroots effort is really strong,” Shuster said, “it’s a great effort.”

A way to get that grassroots effort even stronger with the help of social media made itself clear through a conversation with Joyce and the campaign’s Executive Assistant and Scheduler Kristen Alcalde. The two promoted the campaign’s mascot, Alcalde’s new puppy, at his Twitter handle @PA09pup.

Incumbent Republican Shuster is running to keep his seat in Pennsylvania’s 9th District against Coast Guard Veteran Halvorson, a Tea Party member, and Travis Schooley, also a Republican.


10 Responses

  1. Matthew Wagner,

    The event you’re referring to is an annual event paid for by Shusters campaign. He hosts it every year, even in non-election years and it’s exclusively for Shuster supporters, says so on the invite if you would have read it.

    It doesn’t take smart guy to comprehend that if you show up at an event paid for by a candidate, then actively campaign against that same candidate at his event, you’re going to be asked to leave.

    This is pretty basic stuff.

  2. Bill Will get my support any day, I am a disabled vet and was pushed around by the VA for years but i went to his dad and he called me that night with great news that i have been trying to get done for over 20yrs He takes care of his vets and i hear bill is just like him.

  3. Helps when you send out invitations for a constituent appreciation event and then kick out people who won’t sign your petition. Real question is, did the taxpayers pay for the event or did his campaign?

  4. He would just need to average 250 signatures a day to reach 1000. Not that heavy of a lift if you have 5 people getting 50 signatures a day for 4 days. The smart campaigns have volunteers/workers that do this for a living. Not surprised at all. The campaign will probably hit 2500 and then turn their attention to other matters.

  5. Frank so you are turned off by supporters of a challenger but you will continue to support a man who feels he is entitled to represent the 9th. I think it is Bill’s team who are acting like thugs by intimidating reporters, throwing people out of meetings and taping and following Art when he goes to meetings. You sir are obviously receiving Shuster $$$$. Get a grip and fight for the people not some entitled DC elitist.

  6. @kingofspades.

    While I agree that 1000 signatures in 4 days is very difficult, it’s much easier to do when your not circulating for Mark Scaringi. But you of all people would know how much of an uphill climb that was.

    Shuster has clearly taken this challenger seriously and frankly, Halvorson has done a poor job all the way around.

    I live in the 9th and the thing I’ve heard the most is while there are some that may be inclined to support someone new in congress, they are very turned off by Halvorson’s supporters. They’re the type of team that always lose the game, then blame the umpire.

  7. There is 2 high of a Bar to Get on the Ballot in PA you should just have to file a declaration of candidacy in order to run for Public office The system makes it so the Power Brokers Control all the Power in PA Demand from you State Reps and State Senators that they eliminate the signature requirement to get on the Ballot

  8. As someone who has been doing nomination petitions for candidates for almost 30 years, I can tell you that it’s all but impossible to have 1000 valid signatures in less than 4 days. Either they were circulating early and postdating them or they sat in the office and wrote in the names themselves.

    But you know, playing fast and loose with the rules is certainly nothing new to Bill Shuster.

  9. “barring an enormous petition signature challenge.”

    Well, only an enormous challenge if keeps this pace. If he’s “done” filing, then finding a bad signature to knock him below 1,000 would be easy.

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