PA-9: Shuster to Be Target of Conservative Ads (VIDEO)

Republican Congressman Bill Shuster will be taking heat from sectors of his own party starting Friday, when TV ads attacking his support of the business industry will begin.

According to Alex Roarty of the National Journal, the spots are being paid for by the Club for Growth. The group is “a national network of over 100,000 pro-growth, limited government Americans,” according to their website, and they’re targeting Shuster and three other GOP congressmen over their support of the Export-Import Bank.

Reps. Rob Bishop and Chris Stewart of Utah and David McKinley of West Virginia will also be targets of the ads.

Shuster’s spot is due to draw headlines, though, since they bring up allegations of a conflict of interest for the PA congressmen. Last month, it was revealed the House Transportation Committee Chairman is dating a top airline lobbyist.

The commercial then transitions to an attack on his support of the Bank.

The National Journal notes the round of ads will expose “the tension between the pro-business and tea-party wings of the party.”

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3 thoughts on “PA-9: Shuster to Be Target of Conservative Ads (VIDEO)”

  1. C3PO says:

    Ruh roh. Sheister has the bright red bulls-eye on his back. Na na na na…na na na na…hey hey hey…gooooooood byyye!!!!

  2. KingOfSpades says:

    “No, not THAT scandal…” LOL

    Come on, Tom Smith! Run in 2016 and free PA and the rest of America from this crooked dynasty!

  3. huh says:

    Mike Shuster? Are these stories edited at all before publication?

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