PA-9: Shuster vs. Halvorson III Coming This November

Art-HalvorsonJust when Bill Shuster had thought he was done dealing with Art Halvorson, his perennial challenger rises from the ashes yet again.

After launching a run in 2014, Halvorson second try picked up momentum after a series of unflattering stories revealed Shuster’s personal relationship with an airline lobbyist. Rep. Shuster serves as the Chair of the House Transportation Committee.

Halvorson ultimately came up 1,227 votes short in last April’s hard-fought contest.

The conservative challenger, however, also received enough write-in votes on the Democratic side to become that party’s nominee.

“I’m deeply humbled by the coming together of voters in both parties for the critical, common goal of rescuing America from the corrupt career politicians who’ve betrayed our conservative values and sold us up the river to corporate lobbyists,” Halvorson said.

He went on to hammer Shuster for his own personal conflicts of interest, as well as those of his father, who went through a strikingly similar episode.

Despite the fact he’ll be on the Democratic side of the ballot, Halvorson maintains he is still a Republican.

“But make no mistake about it, our current struggle isn’t Democrat vs. Republican, it’s Insiders vs. We the People,” he asserted.

Unsurprisingly, Congressman Shuster did not welcome this news.

“By running for Congress as a Democrat, Art Halvorson has proved that he cares about one thing and one thing only – himself,” Rep. Shuster’s campaign stated. “Not only is he betraying Democrats by calling their party Godless while forcing them to accept him as their nominee, but he is also betraying the will of the Republican primary voters that have twice rejected his attempt to get a job in Congress.”

“Whether its selfish Art Halvorson saying offensive things about Democrats or calling the Republican nominee Donald Trump childish and reprehensible two things are clear – Art Halvorson’s Arlen Specter impression is out of touch with our region and he is a soon be a three-time loser to Congressman Bill Shuster, who unlike Art, will always be fighting for the people of the 9th Congressional District.”

It appears from this statement that the Shuster team’s current strategy is to try and convince both Democrats and Republicans that Halvorson does not support either party or their ideals.

The 9th Congressional District consists of all or parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

11 Responses

  1. Shelly,
    Keep drinking Art’s Kool-Aid in no time it will lead you to Jonesville.

  2. If Shuster had lost the primary by a hair and then had the chance to run as a Democrat in the fall, would he turn it down? I highly doubt it. Also, Bill’s lackeya talk about Arlen Specter and hope that we won’t remember Shuster endorsing Specter in 2004 AND 2010.

  3. This proves that Art is just another politician. He accepts Dem nomination and runs as a Democrat. He hates Bill. Blasts Trump and can’t stand Hillary. Does he have anything good to say about anybody or anything. More smears and attacks are coming I hope Bill punches back.

  4. Shuster should go. Halvorson seems to be a good choice to get Shuster out. Then voters can decide in two years how to fill the seat again.

  5. I like how Shuster acts like Trump being called “childish and reprehensible” is an inaccurate portrayal. Lol.

  6. Indiana county will decide the race. And the dynamics have changed drastically in recent weeks. The tea party in Indiana county is attacking farmers and landowners. Not to mention the unwa which is thousands of members strong. I would expect some surprises..

  7. As long as Halvorson’s Republican supporters don’t make the mistake of voting straight ticket, he might just pull this off. Had all the Democrats who wrote in Halvorson back in the spring just switched registration and voted for him he would have won outright. And if you’re a Democrat who wants to see the seat go blue someday, getting rid of Shuster makes that much more doable.

  8. Don’t want this fake basted on my ticket. On behalf of Democrats, I disavow. Get your crap together and get the signatures to run as an independent, stop stealing my party. And shame on the local dems for not recruiting a real Democrat to run.

  9. This’ll be quite the show. Conservatives will vote Halvorson if they remember him from the primary. Informed Dems will likely go with Shuster, as will his R base that knows him and supports him. But then any straight party D votes will go to Halvorson. Fascinating!

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