PA-9: Shuster’s Daughter Star of New Ad (VIDEO)

Congressman Bill Shuster’s new commercial stars his daughter Ali.

In the first ad of the general election campaign, titled “My Dad”, Ali details what it is like to be the child of a member of Congress.

“I think a lot of people know my Dad as a Congressman, and they don’t know this side of him that’s a family man,” she begins.

“My Dad growing up was a great Dad. He was always very encouraging and he was always there for us,” Ali continues before recounting how her father missed a track meet because of a visit to Afghanistan. “That just made me really proud of him and proud of what he was doing.”

Rep. Shuster’s opponent Art Halvorson, has hammered the incumbent for his relationship with an airline lobbyist. This thirty-second spot featuring his daughter is likely an attempt to respond to efforts to paint the Congressman’s personal life in a negative light.

The 9th Congressional District consists of all or parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

28 Responses

  1. I finally have to compliment Bill Shyster for SOMETHING. He does have one smoking HOT ???? daughter! Gorgeous! Those blue eyes could hypnotize a man. Good Gawd!

  2. GOOD GOD! They actually did produce one with his former wife! I haven’t seen it on television as of yet, but it is available on Youtube. These people are beyond shameless.

  3. What an interesting perspective. It’s perfectly fine for Shuster and his cronies to splatter his daughter all over the television airwaves. Yet, it seems any viewpoints on this are completely out of bounds.

  4. Shusters are nothing but glorified carpetbaggers, whom live in the lap of luxury thanks to the good folks of PA District 9.

  5. I will tell ya Bill you have to get your kids on there to say how great of a guy you are she almost had me like at the end the little tear that came she is one hell of a actor the truth of the matter is you are nothing but a liar a cheat and no dam good just like your daddy you are just running on the shuster name that’s all but please keep your kids out of it they would say anything you want or hell you will probably cut off there allowance resign give the 9th district a chance to survive instead of you killing it hell you can’t even meet with people in your district face to face you have to have a bunch of idiots do your job

  6. All I can say, is term limits, term limits, term limits. I am certain that our founding father’s intent was not to create a congressional family dynasty. You can say whatever good or bad about either candidate, but a fact is a fact.

  7. Have the feelings you want for him, but leave his family out of it. Unless you know them personally, you don’t have a clue.

  8. Now they just need to come up with ad with the former Mrs. Bill Shuster to extol and gush over Bill’s wonderful virtues. I honestly would not be shocked to see it. Talk about a clan that will do absolutely ANYTHING to win.

  9. Ordinarily Shuster would just ride the coattail of the Republican Presidential candidate to an easy win. This time around Donald Trump has made it impossible for him do that, so he actually has to worry about his own growing reputation for being an elitist insider and a drunken skirt chaser. He’s even sending fluff mailers to registered Democrats, which he has never done before that I’m aware of. If Halvorson gets most everybody who voted for him in the primary to vote for him again, and they’re joined by enough Dems and Independents who just want to be rid of Shuster, this really could happen. Let’s hope so.

  10. If anything ever necessitated congressional term limits it would have to be Elmer and Bill Shuster.

  11. And PAGOPER, if Halvorson’s mother had died a couple weeks before the election, would Bill Shuster suspend his campaign? We both know he wouldn’t.

  12. As much as I don’t like Bill Shuster, I actually feel sorry for his daughter here. She has to go out and tell the world that her dad is such a great family man knowing full well that he cheated on her mother with Shelley Rubino and others for years.

  13. Wow. So an ad about a girl talking about her respect for her father invoked these kinds of comments. Perhaps we should walk it back a notch? You Halvorson guys are a pretty hateful bunch.

  14. Hey son of a preacher, you truly are a pig and I highly doubt youve seen the inside of a church. Im so disgusted by your comments.

  15. As my Dad said (Rest in Peace);Would you buy a used car from him? What’s
    N O spell? NO

  16. Look at me. Im a Tea Party guy, wait no, now Im a Repubican, wait I changed my mind, now Im a Democrat, whats next Martian ? Talk about a guy who will lie, cheat or steal his way to another federal pension. Art Halvorson, what a scam loser.

  17. I certainly pray that Art Halvorson can finally eliminate this nearly half century Shuster reign on PA-District 9.

  18. Now it seems they have stooped to a new low. Using the sweet and innocent daughter/granddaughter for their low-life, self serving agenda.

  19. Both of the Shusters were shysters, and not just in politics. Wonder how much he paid his daughter, who looks like her mother, to do this ad.

  20. Excellent strategy to bring out the HOT daughter! The HOT daughter is primed to take over next.

  21. PAGOPER – Your concern for the late Mrs. Shuster is touching…too bad her cheating lying pig of a husband didn’t have so much concern for her while he was running around banging lobbyists and spending $300,000 on them. Same for Junior.

  22. Quite the contrast to the Halvorson ad that attacks the Shuster family and was released just as the Shuster family was laying to rest Bill’s mother. What kind of PIG does that? Oh, I know Art Halvorson.

  23. Don’t forget she is also the granddaughter of a GOP Congressman, who was forced to resign for unethical conduct. No apple falls far from the tree.

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