PA AFL-CIO Releases Statewide Endorsements

PA-AFL-CIO-logoThe PA chapter of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor union, has released their list of endorsements for the 2014 general election cycle.

Not surprisingly, the organization is endorsing the Wolf-Stack ticket for Governor and twelve Democratic candidates for Congress. While most of the state legislators the group is backing are also Democrats, there are nevertheless a few Republicans who are receiving support. Altogether, 18 State Rep. and 5 State Senate GOP nominees won the AFL-CIO nod.

The Republican from the upper chamber were Senators Tommy Tomlinson (SD-6), Robert Greenleaf (SD-12), Pat Brown (SD-16), Mario Scavello (SD-40) and John Rafferty Jr. (SD-44).

Meanwhile the GOP nominees for the State House are as follows: Jim Marshall (HD-14), Gene DiGirolamo (HD-18), Bernie O’Neill (HD-29), Robert Godshall (HD-53), Glen Grell (HD-87), John Payne (HD-106), David Millard (HD-109), Karen Boback (HD-117), Mike Peifer (HD-139), Frank Farry (HD-142), Marguerite Quinn (HD-143), Mike Vereb (HD-150), Thomas Murt (HD-152), Joe Hackett (HD-161), Nick Miccarelli (HD-162), William Adolph Jr. (HD-165), Thomas Killion (HD-168), and John Taylor (HD-177)

“We highly recommend these candidates for Pennsylvania’s working families,” said PA AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale. “We are confident that they will support us as we fight to grow and protect jobs and support policies that will improve opportunities and the quality of life of working families. From the top of the ticket – Tom Wolf for Governor – and throughout this ticket, we have an excellent choice of leaders who are committed to keeping workers on a level playing field and moving Pennsylvania forward.”

“Starting today, we will be deploying our activists and volunteers to reach the worksites and households of workers in every region of the state on behalf of our endorsed candidate,” added Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder. “This election will be won or lost on voter turnout and we are determined to educate and motivate beginning today through Election Day. It’s time to stop playing defense and go on offense and that will only happen if we all vote in November.”

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is the largest labor organization in the commonwealth and represents over 800,000 workers.

A complete list of the endorsees can be viewed here.

6 Responses

  1. Join the PTCC via face book and then SHARE this: IF believe you should actually own the home you are currently renting from the school board; IF you believe, you could afford an avg additional $12.70/week in personal income tax as well as another .01 in sales tax as a fair trade off to eliminating the avg. $75./wk you currently pay in school property tax!!

  2. Seriously: was it too much trouble to even supply a link to the endorsement list so we could see which Democrats were endorsed? To list all the Republicans and ignore the Democrats (except Wolf), seems pretty lazy. How about a link at least to the entire list?

  3. Absent evidence to the contrary, it is inappropriate to lambaste these people as a group; on the other hand, if public positions regarding the issues blocking Corbett can be ascribed to any one of them, then it is appropriate to apply appropriate pressure.

  4. Mike Vereb is financed by Democratic Union: Mike Vereb is chair of Montgomery County Republican Committee: “the enemy within.”

    Union financed and endorsed Bill Adolph, DelCo, is chair of House Committee on Appropriations.

    Mike Vereb and Bill Adolph are part of House Republican Leadership.

  5. I agree with Interested Observer’s conclusions for the exact opposite reasons that he advocates. Organized labor is doing everything it can to destroy Republicans in this state; who is giving the majority on the money to defeat Tom McGarrigle and Jamie Santorra. Candidates like Mike Vereb, John Rafferty, Bill Adolph, Tom Killion, and Tom Tomlinson should renounce the AFL-CIO endorsement. This would give them the freedom to do the right things, like fix the liquor stores and reform the pensions.

  6. Any organized labor group that pays any attention or gives one dime to any Republican in the State Legislature needs to rethink its priorities…The GOP does not think organized labor deserves to exist, and makes each union leader and member into a villain and punching bag…short-sighted…How can you possibly give members’ money to the party of no organized labor?

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