PA AG Race Rated A “Tossup” Contest

KanePennsylvania’s Attorney General race will be an important and intense statewide contest.

Which makes it unfortunate that it’s been hidden a bit by the fervor in the Presidential and Senate elections going on right now.

The contest gets renewed attention, however, in Governing Magazine’s rating of each AG race in 2016.

Louis Jacobson classifies the PA election as one of three tossups this year.

“With her decision not to seek another term, Kane’s nightmarish tenure as AG — which has included criminal charges against her and a suspended law license — is now winding down, leaving a wide-open contest to succeed her,” Jacobson begins.

“The Democratic field includes three credible candidates who have been aggressively attacking each other: Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro; John Morganelli, the Northampton county district attorney who lost the 2008 general election for attorney general; and Stephen A. Zappala Jr., the Allegheny County district attorney,” he continues. “Shapiro is the frontrunner, boasting endorsements from Gov. Tom Wolf and former Gov. Ed Rendell. Zappala has the backing of Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, while Morganelli counts former Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham in his corner.”

“The GOP field, meanwhile, features two candidates from Scranton: State Sen. John Rafferty and former police officer and federal prosecutor Joe Peters,” Jacobson concludes. “It’s too early to say which party will have an edge in November, particularly if the presidential contest comes down to Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. In that case, top-of-the-ballot pressures could shape the parties’ downballot prospects.”

The primary is set for April 26th.

22 Responses

  1. LOL @ About time

    It’s funny that Aaron was here earlier today asking the question. Now it has been answered:

    Hopefully – the corrupt ayy-holes who helped him try to cover-up will also be exposed.

    Next up will have to be the end of Frank Fina’s career on the Government’s teeet. Time for him to get a “real job.” Wonder who will hire a guy who thinks this is so funny that he just had to send it to his white male buddies while at work … from his State computer:

  2. Umm — because Rafferty is a pro-life political hack who was a prosecutor for a cup of coffee?

  3. IMO, it is important that the new AG not hire people (like Frank Fina) who will use their State computers to view and distribute videos/pictures that depict:

    – bestiality

    – graphic violence against women

    – sexual images of children

    – a woman having “sex” with a snake

    – a 100 year-old woman engaged in intercourse

    – a man opening a champagne bottle and shoving it in a woman’s vagina

    How “friggin” vile is Frank Fina?

  4. Wow. First Seth Williams hires pervert, racist woman-haters. Now, he prosecutes Blacks (Bishop, et al) while refusing to prosecute Whites (Johnny Doc):

    Williams has some explaining to do. He says he can’t prosecute Dougherty because he has a “longstanding relationship” with the union thug who gave him tons of $$$.
    But he has no problem prosecuting Representative Bishop, who he has known since he was a boy.

    Bishop’s mistake was that she did not give Seth Williams tons of $$$, I guess.

    Seth Williams is a creep, He’s corrupt. And now – he is a Republican too:

  5. Zappalla has 6 homicides to clear that happened at one party. Despite all the witnesses. Nobody saw nuffins’! Good luck getting elected AG!

  6. Good Choice because I think for Republican State Senator John Rafferty will win this whole thing in 2016, along with Democrats winning State Auditor and State Treasurer races in 2016.

  7. Look at Nick!! Kane is not even in this race, but he uses her picture … LOL.

    Can’t blame him, I guess.

  8. When does Cynthia Baldwin lose her law license for misleading clients that she was representing them at Grand Jury, which has endangered Penn State 3 prosecution and possibly given Jerry Sandusky an out?

  9. Scumbag Senior’s puppets are wearing wires, attached to his thumbs…but that doesn’t mean the Feds aren’t listening.

  10. John Rafferty will be shocked to discover that he lives in Scranton, not MontCo like we all thought this whole time…

  11. Feds are on their way. Zappala Twisting arms and voter intimidation days are coming to an end. Guess who is wearing FBI wires??? Love Pa Politics

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