PA-BGT: GOP Releases New Web Ad Targeting Wolf (VIDEO)

Less than 2 days after vetoing the state’s budget, Gov. Wolf is the star of a new video from the PA Republican Party.

“Republicans delivered a taxpayers’ budget,” the video begins, before Wolf appears on screen saying “It’s what I feared.”

“An on-time taxpayers’ budget,” the ad continues, with Wolf again saying “It’s what I feared.”

By the end of the spot, Wolf is “fearing” an “on-time, balanced, no tax increases, $370 million more for education, taxpayers’ budget.”

The PA GOP has also started a petition, and hashtag, to try to convince the Governor to sign a budget he feels uses “gimmicks to try to pass off the budget as truly dealing with the concerns of Pennsylvanians.”

“This isn’t partisanship, this isn’t ideology, the math doesn’t work,” Wolf said after vetoing GOP lawmakers’ budget on Tuesday. “Two plus two equals four in the real world, not five.”

“The people of Pennsylvania deserve a budget that keeps their hard earned money in their pockets, while wisely investing in the future of Pennsylvania,” PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “It’s time for Tom Wolf to put away the campaign rhetoric and work with Republicans to start governing.”

6 Responses

  1. Sick of the Tea Party, austerity, and supply-side-economics. Horrible, amateurish ad. I did not vote for a fifth Corbett term; I was happy to turf him and his ruinous policies out.

  2. Does anybody think these ad’s are effective? I’m as solid a Republican voter as you’ll ever find, but this is embarrassing. The cheesy piano in the background, Wolf on a loop, no creativity at all???

    There are soooooo many ways you can take the absolutely absurd comments Wolf has made and do a legitimate ad with those…this is garbage.

  3. Instead of wasting time on this stuff, why isn’t the PA GOP in Harrisburg working with the Governor and Legislative Democrats to craft a budget and legislation that works, adds up, and addresses the needs of Pennsylvania? Instead, they took off for the the 4th of July Holiday … GOP priorities are again WRONG! keep going Governor Wolf! We got your back!

  4. This is one of the worst web ads in the history of politics. He already vetoed the budget, you damn dolts. PAGOP should’ve fired all these hacks after Corbett lost by 10. Thankfully they kept them all around so we can laugh at train wrecks like this.

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