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PA-BGT: Senate Close to Veto Override

Tom-Wolf sadAs Gov. Tom Wolf readies his pen to veto another budget, Senate Democrats are on the verge of lining up to override him.

A handful of Democrats in the State Senate could change their minds if the Governor can’t deliver on his promise that no public school will close during the impasse, Democratic Sen. Lisa Boscola told Chris Comisac of Capitolwire.

While they are threatening to override Wolf’s imminent veto, just one of the 19 Senate Democrats – Andy Dinniman – voted with the GOP majority to pass the House’s $30 billion budget package.

When contacted by Capitolwire, Wolf spokesman Jeffrey Sheridan denied the Governor made that promise during a meeting on Monday night. Sheridan said he was told Gov. Wolf admitted schools would close during that meeting.

“If we do not get a final budget that does the things he’s been fighting for, schools are going to close soon,” Sheridan reiterated, while saying he doesn’t know of any district in danger of shutting down.

The state’s 31 GOP Senators would be able to override Wolf’s veto with the support of just two Democrats, while an override in the House would require 16 Democrats (17 when the winners of Tuesday’s special elections are sworn in) to join their Republican colleagues.

House GOP leadership could see Wednesday’s vote as reason to be optimistic about an override after 13 Democrats crossed the aisle to help pass the budget package.

State legislators are now just hoping to pass a budget before the fiscal year is over, with a comprehensive spending plan now 261 days overdue.

24 Responses

  1. When are people in Chester County going to wake up and realize that Dinniman is no Democrat. He has received nearly $50K from charter school interests at PA Students First and sponsored legislation to allow for vouchers in PA school. Just a few weeks ago, Dinniman voted to put a veto override on the ballot. He has consistently voted against the governor and worked against him. This guy is the favorite son of the GOP.

  2. I love watching this passive aggressive clown’s house of cards fall all around him. This just goes to show that graduating from a good school doesn’t mean you still aren’t stupid.

  3. Ugh.. cannot stand this guy. As a dem, didn’t vote for him.. to soft and mealy.. Had it with his ego, and bull in the china shop, “my way or I will take my ball home,” stance. When you walk into the Lion’s den, being a lamb, you play nice.. you don’t flaunt your chops in the face of sharp teeth.. I don’t blame the Repubs.. I want to see Pension reform!!! Enough of the baby coddling.. the state of the world has changed.. make the hard decisions, and stop being such a wimp! UGH…gross

    Oh, and thanks Wolf for my letter you signed, warning me to vote, and reminding me that EVERYONE will know whether or not I did, as it is public record. Thanks to the dem party for that too! Boy, they got an earful from my phone call!

    OH.. and buy the buy.. switching from Dem to Rep to vote for Trump in the primary, then turning to Independent for election. I am embarrassed to be a Dem after 25 years.. they are so wimpy these days!!! Speak up people! That is why we pay YOUR salary and oh so great perks! Dammit!

  4. Tax cuts have not created any jobs and have created huge deficits in every state and nation that approach has been tried in. Republicans want more of the same failure of passing on the costs to the middle class.

  5. We’ve changed parties in the Governor’s mansion and PA is still a stumbling, bumbling, underachieving embarrassment. And people want to blame the Governor? The only consistent players have been the entrenched Republicans who want to do everything but make tough choices.

  6. Wolf is an arrogant incompetent. Override this donkey and
    Pass a budget. Wolf will be one term – he continues to show us he is a jerk.
    His own party will soon recognize voters are rejecting his arrogant posturing

  7. Wolf is only doing what he said he would do – veto any budget that wasn’t balanced. There’s a huge structural deficit, and the R’s are just making it bigger by not going for new revenue. If any D’s cross over they’re done!

  8. Aaron – Adding an additional tax to natural gas extraction is a miniscule achievement. It still doesn’t get you anywhere near the revenue wolf wants. I’m still waiting to hear how that effort really moves the needle here. We will still be here seeing this argument play out while gas companies are leaving the state.

  9. Hard to remain supportive of Gov. Wolf. Waiting for him to begin governing. In the meantime. he keeps getting painted in a budget corner where he cannot win. He says his “mandate” at the polls should have trumped Republican lawmakers victories. He shipped his best staffer — Katy McGinty — off to advance her own political career rather than help pass the budget. It took him until last week to propose legislation restricting gifts. He demanded that General Kane resign before Justice Eakin. He endorses candidates at the behest of former Gov. Rendell. Just doesn’t seem like the guy I voted for and contributed to.

  10. Wolf has proposed taxes on everything and then wonders why a compromise doesn’t include…. a tax on everything. Rendell never had this problem.

    GOP will budge on what to spend the money on, but not as much on what we are taxing since it’s too much already. Our property taxes are high, gas tax highest in the nation, and have a sales tax, and have an income tax. Wolf, you can only get water out of a rock for so long.

  11. Repeat – any Democrat who votes in favor of this stinking Republican pile of garbage should immediately be tossed out of the party. After Wolf has stood firm against this nonsense, it would be criminal for members of his own party to stab him in the back. Pennsylvania voters elected him to do what he is doing and appreciate his standing firm for education and middle class taxpayers.

  12. Wolf can legalize pot but won’t let me buy wine in a grocery store w/o the states’ lackies selling it…


  14. Excuse me HaHaHa and gulag? You think removing the impact fee and replacing it with a higher rate would have solved Pennsylvania’s budget problems? At its height, we allegedly would have been getting 500mm more through an increased impact fee. according to the Gov, we need over 3 billion more. What am I misunderstanding about your numbers or comment?

  15. How about taking half of the representatives getting outrageous money and golden insurance plans away first.we have more representatives than California and less population.and nail those fracking tax dodging anti American companies.

  16. Wolf and his pack are destroying the party. Destroying the State. Regret I ever supported him. Fire the morons advising you or we will fire you!

  17. If any Democrat crosses those lines to go against the Governor, they’ll pay a heavy price for being stupid.

  18. Ha3: You are right, but no way GOP will let their funders be taxed. Got to get what they paid for, so they will give again next issue.

  19. These idiots should be ashamed of themselves.

    Taxing the fucking frackers would have solved all of this. Thieves.

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