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PA-BGT: Wolf Blasts GOP Over Budget Stalemate

wolf-budget address“No”

That’s the subject line for Governor Tom Wolf’s latest email to supporters. As in, “no” is all he’s hearing from legislative Republicans.

“We’re still without a budget, and there’s only one reason for it: The Republicans refuse to compromise,” Gov. Wolf writes.

Wolf goes on to mention his new pension plan and how it was rejected by the opposition.

“Last week, I offered a pension reform plan that gives Republicans nearly 80 percent of what they want while also ensuring that Pennsylvania workers can count on a secure retirement,” the Governor asserted. It’s a plan that saves the Commonwealth $17.3 billion.”

“But the Republicans are still saying ‘no.’”

The Governor also mentioned the importance of education and pointed to the looming start of the school year.

“And with schoolchildren starting to return to the classroom, I want to make sure that message gets through — tell the Republicans to end the games and pass the budget,” Gov. Wolf concludes before linking to a petition to stand behind his budget veto.

Overall, Governor Wolf’s strategy appears to mirror the efforts over the last few years by President Obama and the national Democratic Party to label Republicans as the “party of no”.

Whether this aggressive tactic works, though, is the main question.

5 Responses

  1. Trump-mentum-

    The largest tax increase to pay for the largest debt? How shocking!

    The fracking tax is long overdue.

  2. Tommy D… republicans have long been for dollar-for-dollar property tax relief, but what Wolf has proposed is the largest net tax increase in Pennsylvania history….

  3. And by the way, Nick, you could also say our state legislature is reminiscent of the GOP obstructionists in Congress. But you didn’t.

  4. Wolf proposed what Republicans have been proposing for years – trading property taxes for sales taxes – and now the Republicans are against the idea. Of course that could be because Wolf’s property tax relief is only for homesteads, and not commercial or industrial properties.

  5. Gov Wolf-

    Please check with Mary, Leslie and Eugene regarding my solution to your budget crisis.

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