PA-BGT: Wolf Urges GOP Movement

wolf-budget addressGov. Tom Wolf is calling for a return to the good ol’ days, or at least to the deal-brokering mood in Harrisburg a few weeks ago.

Speaking to the PA Press Club on Monday, Wolf highlighted the plight of many agencies that rely on state funds. The money for these service providers has dried up with state officials trying to negotiate on a 5-months-late budget.

“I want to encourage all of my colleagues here in Harrisburg to do the people’s business,” Wolf said. “Let’s get back to work, to finish the job, and reach agreement on a real budget based on the framework we announced a few weeks ago.”

Standing alongside GOP budget negotiators two weeks ago, Wolf assured reporters there would be a budget deal by Thanksgiving, though talks have seemingly broken down. The General Assembly is focusing on “distractions” that are “prolonging the process,” Wolf said.

The State Senate is considering a bill that would eliminate property taxes, a week after House Republicans passed a new proposal to privatize the state’s 601 Wine & Spirits stores – “identical” to the one Wolf vetoed in June.

“We had within our grasp a budget framework that would have been transformational,” Wolf said. “It would have done much of what so many Pennsylvanians want their government to do: show fiscal responsibility, invest in our children and our schools, produce real local property tax relief, put our public pension system on a firm financial foundation, and bring our liquor system into the 21st century.”

Wolf is laying blame at the feet of Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman and House Majority Leader Dave Reed for not delivering enough GOP votes for their agreement. The first-year Democratic Governor warned his GOP colleagues not to continue stalling the process.

“Democracy requires compromise. I get that and I have compromised time and time again on liquor, on pensions, on property taxes, on rent relief and on the shale tax,” Wolf said. “But the same democracy that requires us to compromise also gives us the power to hold our elected leaders accountable. If Republicans continue to perpetuate the irresponsible and unworkable status quo, then it will the voters’ turn to hold them accountable.”

The businessman-turned-Governor also promised more reform in next year’s budget, insisting the proposed budget framework still leaves gaps: a severance tax and property tax relief.

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  1. There was once a time in Pennsylvania and America where generations of parents had one goal in mind, that their children would do better in life than than they had done. In the last ten years attacks on education especially by GOP controlled states has become an epidemic. They attack teachers and unions because of pay and benefits while they protect banks and oil/gas corporations..Understand attacks on education are really attacks on children. Children are our future. Fail to educate them properly and countries eventually fail. Children in Europe by high school speak English fluently. While we put our children in debt for twenty years for a college education, most European Countries college tuition is free. Heidleberg University the Harvard of Germany is free tuition. Education of children in America is not only a right but is necessary for Pennsylvania and America to grow and prosper. Demand the Harrisburg Politicians support education fairly and get this Budget resolved now.

  2. What are you talking about Lily, it’s a GOP idea this framework, it’s not what Wolf proposed. These GOP Trump-type supporters are so detached from reality it’s impossible to get anything done. It’s like trying to work with a bunch of 4 year olds. If you’re so ready to leave PA, then get going!

  3. Meanwhile in Florida Meanwhile in Florida, Republican Governor Rick Scott proposes to CUT $1 Bbillion in taxes. Compare and contrast Pennsylvania’s Democratic Governor to INCREASE taxes by $2 Bbillion.

    Florida Gov. Scott’s budget: Tax cuts, more for schools

    In an event that harkened back to Scott’s own re-election campaign, it was a reminder that Scott may have to sell a reluctant Florida Legislature on his budget proposal and especially his plan to cut taxes by $1 billion. But Scott insisted that his budget proposal — which includes $250 million for corporate incentives to lure new businesses — would help the state diversify its economy in advance of the next economic

    Scott’s overall budget does boost spending on public schools by 2.5 percent, but $427 million of that extra money would come from a rise in property taxes due to rising property values. Past Republicans in state government – including current U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio – have labeled this a tax hike.
    Scott, however, brushed aside questions about it.
    “Property values, when they go up, that’s good for us,” Scott said.

  4. The GOP are the adults in the room. While Wolf is pushing for Pa to be among the top 3 highest taxed states, the GOP recognizes the plight of middle class. Where is all this money going to the schools to do? Wake up. It is to pay off the union, support the teachers pensions and life long health benefits with ZERO benefit to the education of the kids. Can’t wait to move out of Pa.

  5. People need to start realizing, this is the mess the Republicans made. Drawing up legislative and congressional districts to put themselves in power even though they don’t represent the mainstream of PA. Turdzi, Scarnati, Corman and Reed are all a bunch of clueless stooges.

  6. Obama thought GOP would be responsible eventually and help govern by reasonable compromise, but look what he got. Implacable opposition.

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