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PA-BGT: Wolf Vetoes Budget

Wolf-Veto“It’s what I feared,” Governor Wolf began.

Gov. Wolf, flanked by two charts, was about to veto the budget passed by the Republican-controlled legislature.

The commonwealth’s divided government is deadlocked, just over five months into the new Governor’s tenure.

“This is a budget that doesn’t work,” Wolf stated in a press conference at the Governor’s Reception Room. “The math doesn’t work, it’s not balanced.”

“So, I’m going to veto the entire budget bill.”

Using the charts as a guide, the Governor contended that the legislative Republicans used gimmicks to try to pass off the budget as truly dealing with the concerns of Pennsylvanians.

Gov. Wolf also subtly fought back against any perception that as a freshman he is out of his depth. He asserted that if he took this budget to a bank when he was a CEO, he would’ve been thrown out.

“This isn’t partisanship, this isn’t ideology, the math doesn’t work,” he said. “Two plus two equals four in the real world, not five.”

Wolf went on to criticize the legislature for not including some of his top priorities like a severance tax on natural gas drilling and property tax relief.

Governor Wolf then announced he was inviting legislative leaders to a meeting at 2:00 today.

The normally even-keeled chief executive wasn’t so much angry throughout the press conference as disappointed or even disdainful towards his opponents.

We now enter the first day of a standoff and no one knows how long it will last.

8 Responses

  1. Governor Wolf I for one voted for you and I encouraged others to do the same I am dam sick and tired of of the Republicans and Democrats saying one thing and doing nothing for the people of Pennsylvania. Governor I think you are a man of principles I am one that is glad you are our governor: Stick to your plans and your budget and let the people of Pennsylvania admire you for what you have promised to do whan you run for governor and for those that dont like what you are trying to do for the people of Pennsylvania. I have one thing to say to them if you dont like what Tom Wolf is doing for the people of this great state( Then move out of it go where you will be much happier) 7.2,2015 at;10:55 pm

  2. So pension reform is illegal? So we are stuck for 200 years? Hardly. We can change the rules today for not-yet-retired people, and if the soon-to-retire people fail to agree to sensible reductions in benefits, we blame them for cutting out pensions entirely for new state workers.

  3. Who says your elderly father has a right to stay in his home, or should stay in his home? If taxes are a problem, then upkeep, mowing, snow removal, stairs, loneliness, etc. are also problems. It is not my job to pay more in taxes so that your father can stay — and it is not your job to pay more in taxes so that I (now 72) can stay. Property taxes are levied on PROPERTY, not on the age of the occupant. And dammit, nobody is ENTITLED to anything, not even food.

  4. If I were Governor, my response would have been to put a big red circled F- on the bill and sent a note for their parents to come in for a conference.

  5. It’s refreshing to see a governor working with the numbers to work our way out of some serious economic holes — that no one cares to talk about. What the legislature did was pass Corbett’s budget on Wolf’s watch. That time has passed. I hope the Governor sticks to his commitment to the people of PA who voted him into office. We need to become a progressive state, and improve our standings in almost every category. Just how does privatization of liquor stores really, I mean really, help us as the most inequitable state in the union when it comes to funding? Really? How does my elderly father stay in his home without a lowering or better, elimination, of his property taxes? Really? How is pension reform not illegal? Does anyone care to inspect that? The public is not as ignorant as the legislature would like you to believe. Wolf makes perfect sense. Fair, honest, balanced.

  6. Hi, the statement below is inaccurate.
    “This is a budget that doesn’t work,” Wolf stated in a press conference at the Governor’s Mansion. “The math doesn’t work, it’s not balanced.”

    Gov. Wolf did not hold press conference and state that at the Governor’s Mansion. It was stated last night in the Governor’s Reception Room in the Main Capitol.

  7. The Press conference was located in the Governor’s reception room on the second floor of the Capitol– not at the Governor’s residence.

    Just FYI 🙂

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