PA Delegates Get Front Row Seats For RNC

RNC Seating ChartPennsylvania scored a prime spot on the floor for the Republican National Convention.

The Keystone State’s seventy-one delegates will be in the front row just to the right of the stage.

It appears that rather than giving priority to the host of the convention, Trump is awarding prime seats to states that backed him during the primaries. For instance, the GOP nominee won PA with 57% of the vote. So they’ll be sitting in front of the Ohio delegation since the Buckeye State went for their Governor John Kasich. All this despite the fact that the event is taking place in Cleveland.

Furthermore, you can see that a deep blue state that Trump carried like California got much better seats than crimson red Texas, which voted for Sen. Ted Cruz.  

Of course, Trump’s home state of New York gets the front row, center-stage seats.

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2 thoughts on “PA Delegates Get Front Row Seats For RNC”

  1. Cole says:

    Alan Kennedy Shaffer has a seat at the podium.

  2. N8 says:

    Please PA delegates! Dump Trump and save our country from Hillary!!

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