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PA Dems Announce At-Large Delegates

Bernie-HillaryThe Pennsylvania Democratic Party has released their list of at-large and PLEO (party leaders, elected officials) of delegates for the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

As I’ve mentioned before, PA has 189 pledged delegates and 21 superdelegates for a total of 210.

Of those, 106 are pledged to Hillary Clinton while 83 are pledged to Bernie Sanders. Adding the 21 superdelegates increases Clinton’s lead to 127 to 83.

The former Secretary of State has a 4-3 advantage on the state’s rules, platform and credentials committees.

We cataloged the delegates chosen by congressional district earlier this month.

The full list of remaining delegates is presented below:

Party Leader, Elected Official (PLEO) Delegates: 20 total delegates

Clinton – 11 Sanders – 9

Hillary Clinton

Leslie Acosta
Darrell Clarke
Frank Dermody
Eleanor Dezzi
Diane Ellis-Marseglia
Louis Farinella
Valerie Kean Staab
Bruce Kraus
Cherelle Parker
Kevin Schreiber
Josh Shapiro

Bernie Sanders

Angel Gober
Arthur Haywood
Sara Laird
Stephanie Markstein
Sheri Morgan
Chuck Pascal
Adrian Shanker
Kerith Strano Taylor
Joanne Tosti-Vasey

At-Large Delegates: 42 total delegates (4 alternates)

Clinton – 24 (plus 2 alternates) Sanders – 18 (plus 2 alternates)

Hillary Clinton

Joyce Bender
Neal Bisno
Katie Blume
Ryan Boyer
Bea Brown
Kelli Caldwell
Cynthia Coder
Sharron Cooks
Barbara Cooper
William Curtis
Lauren DeBruicker
Terrence Dittes
Erin Dougherty
David Fillman
Debra Frankel
Theodore Kirsch
Clifford Levine
Marjorie Margolies
W Gerard Oleksiak
James Roebuck
Michelle Singer
A Elaine Tomlin
Richard Trumka
Deanna Vicites
Curtis Jones (A)
Angela Gialloreto (A)

Bernie Sanders

Tonya Bah
Pasquale Cipolloni
Michael Desrosiers
Lon Diffenderfer
Daniel Doubet
Carolyn Kazdin
Paige Lower
Sabrina Nixon
Rapheal Randall
Gregory Schaffer
Waleed Shahid
Gwen Snyder
Katherine Snyder
Jordyn Tannenbaum
Alexis Waksmunski
Madeline Whitehill
Elizabeth Williams
Peter Winebrake
Jude Mandarano (A)
Beverly Hahn (A)

Credentials Committee: 7 total delegates
Clinton – 4 Sanders – 3

Hillary Clinton

John Hanna
David Landau
Natalia Rudiak
Frank Snyder

Bernie Sanders

Ariana Flores Gordon
Anna Grant
Jim Lewis

Rules Committee: 7 total delegates
Clinton – 4 Sanders – 3

Hillary Clinton

Daniel Connolly
Austin Davis
Amy Putnam
Deborah Willig

Bernie Sanders

Forrest Bennett
Deb McCarter
Keli Vereb

Platform Committee: 7 total delegates

Clinton – 4 Sanders – 3

Hillary Clinton

Mark Aronchick
John Lavelle
Leslie Anne Miller
Alison Perelman

Bernie Sanders

Chuck Pascal
Dennis Plane
Jackie Silver

Note: The Party also filled the vacant alternate slots for Hillary Clinton in the 7th, 13th and 15th Congressional Districts.

PA-7: Kenneth Lawrence, II
PA-13: Patrick Parkinson
PA-15 Basilio Bonilla, Jr.

13 Responses

  1. @jjcnpa – You keep asking that every where I post. I keep answering: “Yes, run against me or move to have me removed. In both cases you will have to stand up and identify yourself, instead of hiding and trying (very unsuccessfully) to intimidate me. Given that, I would be shocked if you did either, but I eagerly await what you would charge me with.

    You too, @Sara. Have me kicked out if that is what you feel should happen.

    I will continue to speak my mind to bring liberal ideals as far as I can. Sorry to upset or inconvenience you and your obsolete ideas…kidding, I am so not sorry.

  2. I wasn’t referring to Bernie Delegates, but now that no mention it, you should be kicked out of the Democratic Party for bad mouthing the Party. You aren’t a Democrat. When they asked people to write you name, many Democrats did – I don’t think that will happen again. Your true colors are showing.

  3. Super Delegates,

    I have been a democrat for 40 years and have supported the Democratic nominee in elections in almost every case. But I cannot support Hillary Clinton, and in my opinion she is not a true democrat. Either that, or I need to start looking for a new Party who truly represents the American people as in the past.

    I have never been so proud to vote for anyone in my 63 years as I have been to vote for Bernie Sanders. I was beginning to think that there would never be a political candidate that you could believe or trust in, and that America was no longer a democracy. It was so uplifting and encouraging to find someone who believed in the values that made this country great, deeply morale and caring values. I have felt the joy in feeling the Bern, and will not go back. It’s time this country had a valid third party anyway.

    So you can take Hillary Clinton and all her double talk, lies, poor judgement, war mongering and deceit, and she very well may lose the election. But I will vote my heart and write in Bernie Sanders. Hillary is no better than Donald Trump, she will just say or do anything to win this election.

    Hopefully you all will make the right choice for Democrats and choose Bernie Sanders as our candidate.

    Still Hopeful,

  4. A few cry babies that didn’t get picked.. Your nonstop attacks are getting old. Go do something productive.

  5. Well, the Clinton frauds continue. I see quite a few “Sanders” delegates that are old-line committee people who wouldn’t vote for Sanders if you paid them (because Hillary has already paid them more). The PA Dem Party is as corrupt as the DNC. (But even more incompetent.) They get no money from me.

  6. Steven Todd is openly hostile to the Dem party yet runs as a delegate to the Dem convention??

  7. @Sara – It is not a delegate’s duty to make phone calls or walk door to door to pass out literature for Hillary. Especially not of us Bernie delegates.

  8. How many of the delegates will make phone calls or walk door to door to pass out literature for Hillary. NONE!

  9. The total “insiders” are on that list. Not one person on that list has every worked a day in their life outside of Government Jobs handed to them by their “Friends”

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