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PA Dems Cancel Winter Meeting

democratic-donkeyThe PA Democratic Party has canceled its annual winter meeting, which was scheduled for this weekend.

The event, which was to be held on January 22nd and 23th, fell victim to the impending snow storm.

“I have made the decision to cancel our State Committee and Endorsement Meeting scheduled for this weekend for the safety of all involved,” Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen. “As much as we were looking forward to an exciting weekend, safety must come first.”

The decision was apparently made in response to Governor Wolf’s declaration of a state of emergency.

“Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf today declared a state of emergency in preparation for the winter storm expected to impact Pennsylvania, especially in the southeast and south central regions of the state,” the Governor’s office announced earlier today. “The disaster emergency proclamation enables state and local authorities to respond to any unmet needs as quickly as possible as a snowstorm is forecasted to blanket snow across much of the state.”

The Republicans held their winter meeting last week. The Hershey summit this weekend was meant to feature a forum featuring the party’s candidates for Senate, Attorney General and Auditor General.

At this moment, the Democrats are attempting to reschedule but no plans are finalized.

50 Responses

  1. DD – they are so confused. They think America is theirs. They hate and hate and hate … with their little brains and cold hearts. No heart. No soul. Nothing innovative or progressive about them. They long for the past. They think “white” is something TJ protect. They see the world changing around them and, instead of looking in the mirror, they look for people – and groups – to blame. They eschew abortion; but don’t want to pay more taxes to help poor children, abused children … or even after-school programs for the kids they want to force on single Moms who really need after-school care for their kids. Their fear and hate is ruining this country.

    The Retard is not an “operative” any more than you are Lt. Governor. He is an online Repervlican troll … looking for attention from men on the Internet.

    Go TRUMP!! I really hope they are dumb enough to make that ayyy-hole their nominee.

  2. Unsanctioned R-

    If the R’s want to be “classy”, they should reject Trump, Cruz, etc. and vote for Hillary in the General. It’s a very sad lineup on the GOP side fighting for the nomination.

    Are you an “operative”?

  3. Good advice David. That’s the model I follow. I post because I can, and you know there are plenty of operatives who never vote. Thanks for the lookup. I guess I was being lazy, but nobody would have believed me if I posted it. Stay classy PADEMS. I’ll see you around.

  4. DD, Karen — I have many groypies here!! Pathetic trolls and shills that just can’t stop typing my name. It’s sad for them — but I am flattered. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    It has been really fun bring totally right about this Kane stuff since the beginning. It is even more fun to be vindicated day after day and week after week. Here we are in FEB of 2016 and AG Kane is still standing.

    She should continue to say to the cowardly racists and corrupt women-haters:


  5. Karen Kurzinger-

    I was referring only to the moderators flagging the posts, in a definitive fashion.

    The original owners of the handles can point out fakes, but then you get fake posters make fake accusations. Sometimes, I can’t tell which are real.

    Since, I post under my own name (and have met Nick, so he knows I’m real person, etc.), I’ve never had any trouble with him clearing out fake posts once I’ve alerted him to them.

    So, my recommendation to the “anonymous” posters is to use a good/real/consistent/verifiable email address, and try to let the moderators know your real identity, in case of disputes.

  6. Mr. Diano — you said something earlier about “flagging” comments. Is it possible for us (reorders) to flag comments? Because I see there is a troll repeatedly posting as HaHa and others.

  7. Unsanctioned R-

    You’re not registered to vote in PA? Then why do you care so much about Kane and the other stuff? Begone! 🙂

    There is one “Patrick” Unger registered as non-party. The rest are all “Patricia” with an mix of Dem/Rep.

    No one named “Karen Kurzinger” in database.

  8. Hey David, Is Karen registered to vote in PA? How about Pat Unger? To be fair, I’m not.

  9. Karen Kurzinger-

    The people who run PoliticsPA get the name and email address with each post. Unsanctioned R’s real posts likely all have the same email address, whereas, anyone fake posting as him wouldn’t know the email address he uses.

    Thus, the moderators should be able to identify/remove the fake posts with a database query.

  10. David – how does one “flag” a fake post? Unsanctioned R regularly puts up fake HaHa posts. Most of the time, they get deleted, but if I knew how to “flag” them I would.

  11. BTW, I want to take a moment to thank all my liberal critics for speaking out against all the “retard” calling recently. Nice (not) job!

  12. If it is true what he typed about the “highlight of his week,” then I really, really feel sorry for him.

  13. Karen, as you well know, my remarks are in response to comments, many spoofing my name (and others), and many now deleted. You’re welcome.

  14. Good call on the part of Chairman Marcel Groen to cancel the winter Democrat meeting. Hard choice to make, but real leadership won out in the end.

  15. 75% are the comments here are from @Unsanctioned R or one of his aliases. Can’t PPA do something about him? He is ruining the conversation. And his obsession with HaHa is disturbing.

  16. P.S. Barty, seeing my comments remain and many of my accuser’s get deleted was the highlight of my week.

  17. Good point David. I’m sorry everyone had to suffer through a self-policing model (hopefully doesn’t happen very often, but should we have let it go on so long?)–every setup will have pros/cons. But, I trust the decisionmakers at PPA to make the best choices for their business.

    I’m due for another long break anyway, good luck.

    (And thanks! to Nick for cleaning up the mess.)

  18. Unsanctioned R-

    You don’t need to have logins. The fake posters don’t know the email addresses used by the real posters. The mismatched combinations should be easy to spot and delete.

  19. To the editors. Get some guts and start to bounce those who post non-topical answers to various issues.
    That is not censorship it is taking responsibility for keeping your pages on point and relevant to issues and not ego maniacs intent on trolling.

  20. Barty: are you the same “intermediary” that the Bazzano-Zappala-porter mafia used to celebrate mayor Luke’s birthday? If so, get paid up front because it costs a lot to fix criminal investigations.

  21. Welcome Barty. That’s one heck of an introduction. (I think hahaha needs some new aliases).

  22. I really don’t understand how people get so worked up over figuring out who is using multiple accounts or whatever. I often enjoy this silly commentary section, but you’d think Unsanctioned R and Scranton Sucks just saved the world from impending doom with their endless self-congratulatory posts for conquering the evil liberal trolls. I really hope that wasn’t the highlight of your day…

    Also Steve Burda, love the enthusiasm. The gerrymandering will make it tough, but would love you to take down that bum Vereb.

  23. HaHaHa/Pat Unger must work for PoliticsPA (if he has a job at all). They let him post under multiple screen names all the time. You would think PoliticsPA would screen its employees for criminal convictions, especially when Fina successfully prosecuted this loser.

  24. Hahaha/PatUnger/Marie/aaron/kraig001/Observer#3 Where are you? Just commenting on the 2- and 3-day old articles today are we? Don’t be afraid of getting owned by little ol’ me again today. LOL

  25. Here’s a question: Where is Sestak going to ride out the storm? With his family in Alexandria, VA or alone in his secondary property in PA?

  26. Your comments make me laugh my asno off until I leave a big peduto. No insults, just funny so laugh!

  27. So to recap, hahaha mimics racists, calls people “retard,” loves Kane. Must vote democrat?

  28. Hahaha hasn’t been around long enough to remember Chris Martinez was a D with a racist shtick who bashed republicans while democrats openly lauded him for it.

  29. Hahaha is like my little pet monkey. I beat him like a drum and he keeps bringing me gifts. Good boy.

  30. First 10:19 not me either. Although, now that hahaha brings up “Segh” Williams, I’ll mention that it’s no coincidence that hubris like his idol Kane has brought him down by his own lies.

  31. 10:16 not me either. Man, hahaha’s gotta be upset today. How’s it feel to get owned by someone you look so far down on? LOL

  32. 10:06 is not me. Hahaha is my groupie wannabe. Did the wambulance not pick you up for your broken ego? LOL

  33. So it looks like after hours of silence between 9:30 and 9:39 hahaha posted as me a couple of times, 2 of his oft-used other aliases, and two new ones (one spoofed: brandy) below.

    Like I said, I hurt him bad. And this is how he acts out. #whatlosinglookslike

  34. I am warning you, troll. Leave my daughter alone. Don’t make me e-mail Sy Snyder. Get a life.

  35. Great news for Marcel! I hear Rich Fitzgerald is disappointed because he doesn’t get to play his coveted role as bouncer by escorting people who were invited out. Funny as hell!!

  36. Waaaa! What about the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia’s free party? I wanted to see who they would poison first. Oh well, at least they have poisoned some unions, the Trib and the P.G.and there is no cure for that.

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