PA Dems Choose New Press Secretary

Shamaine-DanielsThe Democrats have a new spokeswoman.

The Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee hired their new Press Secretary, Shamaine Daniels, today.

Daniels is an immigration attorney who was the first Latina elected to the Harrisburg City Council.

“I look forward to increasing the Party’s ability to reach and listen to the Latino voters of Pennsylvania; a fast-growing voting-block within the Commonwealth, and essential members of our Democratic coalition,” Daniels said.

The PA Democratic leadership portrayed the hiring as an opportunity to reach out and engage Latino voters throughout the commonwealth.

“With the soon-to-be-formed Latino Caucus and Ms. Daniels’ connections to the Latino community we are ready to engage and mobilize the Latino vote  this fall” PA Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn stated.

“We can only mobilize the Latino vote if we can communicate with them. Bringing Daniels onboard, a bilingual and bicultural Press Secretary, will enable a more robust conversation between the Democratic Party and the Latino community” said Diane Bowman, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

This move is part of an effort by Pennsylvania Democrats to rebuild their infrastructure after a schism with Governor Wolf caused an exodus of top staff last year.

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12 thoughts on “PA Dems Choose New Press Secretary”

  1. Dan Sauder says:

    I’m just now literally going through old e-mails, including from Politics PA and just saw this! I know I’m so late wit this, but huge congratulations to such an extraordinary human being! This position could not have gone to anyone more deserving. Congratulations Shamaine! I have every confidence that you will do a great job representing the ideals and values of the Democratic Party. Best of luck!

  2. Lois Herr says:

    Shamaine is a great choice. She can do more in her spare time than many can do all day. Never, ever, underestimate the power of a woman! She will do a professional job AND be an advocate. As for Burn – he is not doing window dressing. He has been working WITH the organizers of the Latino Caucus to make the party live the inclusive philosophy it proclaims In that he has the support of many of us who are not Latino but work for the caucus and support our Chair.

  3. Jennifer Jones says:

    There is no way Daniels can do this job an be effective. She has a tough time making important meetings that impact the community today. How will she handle this job when the road gets tough. Its not enough to speak the language, you need to be out in the trenches making inroads. Get ready, every statement will be a fight for the wrong reasons.

  4. ABCDEF says:

    Agree with Observer and SickOfBurn on this one. You are either a press secretary or in charge of mobilizing a constituency group. It isn’t the same thing, and both of these require a full time effort, not a less-than-part-time gig. And, yes, this is just more window dressing over an empty office.

  5. Dem State Committee Observer says:

    Taking nothing away from Ms. Daniels, but this is just another in the long history of Jim Burn trying to make it look like he is doing something. A Latino caucus was just organized in the State Committee, and Burn is trying to create some position for a Latino before they come after him and organize with the Burn Haters (there are many) to oust him. If you wanted to give this person some real power and send a message, have a useless dinosaur like Penny Gerber step back and make this person the vice chair of the party and set her up as the heir apparent for when Burn does get dumped. Stop making up phony titles and jobs to make it look like you are opening it up, Jim. We all know you are not opening the Party up and you are just trying to shore up the same old tired party leadership – which is why Governor Wolf has rightly cut you off.

  6. SickOfBurn says:

    This just shows how clueless Jim Burn is. Is she a press secretary or is she in charge of mobilizing Latino? Those are two different jobs. A press secretary handles press and that’s it. Tasking someone with outreach and mobilizing constituencies is a full-time job by itself.

    She may be smart and capable but Burn is setting her up for failure with the way this is set up.

    Jim Burn is a disaster. He is destroying the party. They are broke, clueless and ineffective.

  7. Isaac L. says:

    Abe Amoros made some excellent inroads with the Latino community during his tenure as spokesman for the PA Dems. Looking forward to Ms. Daniels’ service.

  8. Robert Disabella says:


  9. steventodd says:

    Way to go, Shamaine, and wise choice, Dems! I am proud to call you a friend.

  10. ABCDEF says:

    Wait, so she practices as an immigration attorney, AND is on Harrisburg City Council, AND is press secretary for the Democratic Party. I’m sure she’s talented and smart, but being the press secretary for a real statewide party isn’t a job to do in your spare time. It requires a full time effort dealing with the press. Just clear there is zero money at the state party…thanks to ego.

  11. Jeff F. Garbageman says:

    Maybe she’s being paid in hope and change

  12. Zig Zigglerr says:

    I hope she doesn’t mind working for free, since that’s all the PA Dems can afford right now.

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