PA Dems Ding “Tea Party Tom Smith” (Watch Video)

For months as the GOP Senate candidates held forums, debates and made TV appearances across Pennsylvania. The PA Dems tracked almost every one, and today unveiled a compilation of clips of nominee Tom Smith’s Tea Party past.

“I am a conservative and a Tea Party guy. I and Armstrong and Indiana County, we have a group called Indiana Armstrong Patriots, which I helped found and was Chairman,” Smith told KYW Newsmakers in February.

“The Tea Party is embracing Tom Smith because he has embraced their policies for years,” the party said in a release, and noted that his first post-primary event was a Tea Party rally near Pittsburgh.

Smith co-founded the Indiana Armstrong Patriots Tea Party in 2009 and lead the group until 2011, shortly before he announced his candidacy.

The Dems have been focused on the Senate race – and Smith – for a month. They issued a broadside attack the day after his primary win on Tuesday.

Smith’s campaign parried, instead emphasizing his business experience. Smith, of Armstrong County, founded and ran a mid-sized coal mining business for several decades.

“While Tom Smith was managing a budget, meeting a payroll and creating energy sector jobs for Pennsylvanians  – career politician Bob Casey was voting for higher taxes and massive debt,” said Campaign Manager Jim Conroy. “Tom Smith has and will continue to stand with hard working Americans who share his concern for the future of our country under the failed leadership of President Obama and Senator Casey.”

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  1. See what happens to pensions if energy companies tank. Ask UK pensioners after BP. 20% plop.

  2. It sounds like the ad backfired on the democrats! Tom Smith is for limited government, freedom and liberty!

  3. “It’s the spending and we are not stupid.” Spending trillions of dollars that enriches a few, like Solyndra, GM and the Unions, debases the dollar, a stealth taking by government fiat, of savings. A devalued dollar buys less and this impacts every saver, every senior.

  4. @ Bob G- being part of the 53%, our job is to get other 53%’ers out to the polls to vote for sustainability and to understand that politics is life, and at worst, a necessary evil. Fail to engage at your own peril.

    Going door to door , and talking with people on the phone , even those on public pensions are seriously concerned about sustainability as they look at their pension statements. They are upset at the stick your head in the sand and hope the crisis goes away mentality, as they are at the point of having to depend on what was promised. That number is greatly increasing as the boomers (I am at the end of them) are entering, or will soon be entering the “draw time”. Most of them are also in the 53% and many of them strongly support true pension reform, even if they have a vested interested of keeping their own pensions sustainable and secure.

    The point? Casey spearheaded one of the cruelest acts possible toward Americas seniors, funding health care on seniors backs, placing review boards to make the decision if they are deserving of treatment and then raising their rates significantly after 2014.

    The argument has to be re-framed to the reality of our situation. Bob Casey has supported unsustainable spending, supported generational theft, has failed to use his position to rally against Reid’s failure to pass a budget in over three years when he had the leverage to do so-during debt ceiling increases. His failed economic policies have placed the dollar in serious jeopardy as the world reserve currency.

  5. Tax Makers vote for Tom Smith/Mitt Romney; Tax Takers vote Casey/Obama.

    Julia is Barack Obama’s composite government dependent who lives on the kindness of others.

    Bob Casey says he represents the working people of Pennsylvania. Bob Casey and Barack Obama depend on the tax takers, like Julia, to get elected.

    “Mr. Obama’s campaign has invented “Julia,” a fictional woman whose life is chronicled in a slick infographic published on the campaign’s Web site on Thursday. Visitors to the site can watch as Julia grows up, receiving benefits from the president’s policies along the way.(NYTimes 3 May 2012) “

    The Left thinks we misunderstand Barack Obama’s composite government dependent.

  6. Bob Casey says he represents the working people of Pennsylvania. Bob Casey and Barack Obama depend on the tax takers, like Julia, to get elected.

    Does Julia do anything but Take?

    Does Julia ever create a job and meet a payroll, or pay taxes, contribute anything to anyone?
    Julia is an economic loser that other working people have to support. What does Julia contribute to the General Welfare?

    Is working, making things people want and need, and paying taxes only for stupid, bigoted Tea Party?

    Tax Makers vote for Mitt Romney; Tax Takers vote Casey/Obama.

    The Left thinks we misunderstand Barack Obama’s composite government dependent.

  7. The JOBS are overseas along with your tax money…loopholes did to be stopped along with Citizens United ruling.

  8. It would only take a cold spark to get that straw man burning !

    I have witnessed some of the “radical acts” of the Indiana Armstrong Patriots; having county commissioners explain funded and unfunded mandates and their impact on county budgets and taxes, urging people to become involved in the process and advocating sustainable government.

    I can’t wait for these radical ideas to be used against him!

  9. The Tea Party is what stands between us and bankruptcy.

    Bob Casey voted for trillions in spending and … and are we any better off? More debt and deficits: where are the jobs?

  10. Casey is going to beat this guy so badly he’s going to wish he would have stayed on as a local Democratic Committeeman in Armstrong County by the time it’s all done.

  11. Wow – What would they have said if Obama Welch won? Welcome aboard? At last a debate on real issues will begin. Corbett is actually doing OK – he met his promises thus far (other than Obama Welch) . Now voters get a choice between real conservative Tom Smith & another Obama flunky, the incumbent Obama Democrat US Senator.

  12. Geez. Now that I know the dirty little secret that U.S. Senate candidate Tom Smith is a strident advocate of limited government & against indenturing our children to China through fantastical deficit spending, I’ll… I’ll…, um, well, I’ll vote for him.

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