Pa. Dems Elect Wolf’s Slate for Leadership, Endorse Wolf and Casey

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party elected Governor Tom Wolf’s picks for leadership, and endorsed Wolf and Senator Bob Casey’s re-election bids.  The Party did not endorse for Lieutenant Governor.

The Party elected John Hanna as Chair, Nancy Patton Mills as Vice Chair, and Lisa Rhodes as Treasurer.  The three will serve in their current roles until the party’s June meeting when it will elect leadership for a full term.  

“I want to thank the committee members of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for this great honor. I have always been committed to electing Democrats, and this commitment will remain steadfast in the coming months,” Hanna said.  

The party did not endorse in the Lieutenant Governor’s race, where incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack is facing five primary challengers.  Stack has faced an uphill battle after Governor Wolf ordered the Inspector General to investigate allegations that Stack mistreated state troopers and staff at the Lieutenant Governor’s mansion.  

Along with the endorsement votes, the party passed a comprehensive sexual assault and harassment code of conduct. 

“We must do better as a Party to ensure that we live by the values that we profess. I am proud that the State Party today enacted a sexual harassment and misconduct policy that strengthens our definition of assault and harassment and outlines a clear policy and response for all state, county, and local Democratic Party activities and events,” Hanna said.  

In an email to state party members ahead of the meeting, Wolf pushed for the election of the leadership and the passage of the code of conduct, staying in line with the strong position he has taken on sexual harassment allegations in the state.

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  1. Dems should elect Rogette Harris- who ran her ebay/Etsy business out of the state capital. Only got caught when she messed up the address and the packages came back to the capital! Hahaha

    Wads of tax dollars spent for personal profit- that’s the demoRAT way!

  2. State Democratic Party elect new Chairman Porky Pig “Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th… That’s all, folks!”
    What a joke,.

  3. The Dems need new Leadership across The Board From Top To Bottom . Put in People who have never served before in leadership Positions . Otherwise the Dem Party will continue to Fail In Every Election . THE TIME IS NOW FOR NEW BLOOD .A

    1. A Wolf spokesperson is already on record stating Tom Wolf thinks leadership of the Party is for the membership to decide. Let’s all hope that’s true, because he just got humiliated with his hand picked Chairman. Hopefully he learned his lesson and won’t be calling the committee like he did in 2014 for Katie.
      Although it looks like he’s giving a nod and a wink to Nancy Mills, she has no chance without his support. Even with it her odds are less than 50/50.
      Nancy is likeable and friendly but She’ll be lucky to win re elect as Allegheny County Chair.

      1. FreshStart (LOL !)

        Wolf got humiliated TWICE with his picks. First, the committee rejecting Katie, and second when Marcel lost the state’s electoral votes and had to resign over embarrassing interview (among many failures).

        As we would say as kids: Wolf couldn’t pick his nose correctly.

      2. Wow, couldn’t see this coming… Nancy Mills to be State Chair? She is what, 80 years old?? Is the worst at public speaking here in Allegheny County, it’s cringeworthy! Can’t make a single decision for herself without going through our ass of a County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. The best part of it is our elected State Committee Reps will vote for this because Wolf wants it and she is a woman.
        This is the best we can do? This is why our Democratic Party is becoming irrelevant.
        I’m disgusted by my own party

  4. Engelmeyer, once again you try to rewrite the truth for your oligarch masters.
    Wolf’s support of this slate did not make it his slate.
    He’s fucked things up enough.
    Take this back to your owners next time they summon you to lick their boots:
    It’s a whole new ballgame in June, we’re going back to picking our own slate.

    1. It wasn’t Wolf’s slate?? His folks were the ones who put it together and called people to generate support for it. What are you talking about?

      1. There’s some truth there for sure A.D. Lucky for Wolf that people in the Party know and respect Hanna. What do you think would have happened if he tried that McGinty crap again.

      2. Answer Desk-

        I think Jack was the default/consensus choice that wasn’t going to cause Wolf heartburn, and Wolf decided to endorse it, rather than lose another fight on this, with a 3rd strike.

    2. If you are going to call someone out, it might be help if you actually got their name right.

  5. Was Cole Goodman running around making inappropriate advances on college women? Or way Joyce there too keep him in line?

      1. Yeah – it was totally high school girls. The police report is sealed as it involved a juvenile minor. But he certainly exceeded the duties and responsibilities of a School Board member – as noted by his hasty resignation.

        Who’s Joyce?

  6. My issue with supporting Bob Casey is that he voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks. Why not support a Democrat who is pro choice?

    1. Because Casey can win. Purity is for the GOP. Dems should have a big tent, or continue their exercise in losing slam dunk races.

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