PA Dems Hire Comms Advisor

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party continues to expand their communications team. 

On Tuesday, the PA Democratic Party announced the hiring of Marisa Nahem as Communications Advisor. 

According to the press release, Nahem will be focused on the 2022 gubernatorial race and “working to hold the crowded field of Republican candidates accountable throughout their ugly “super MAGA” primary as they battle to become Trump’s apprentice.”

“We are excited to announce the hire of Marisa Nahem as Communications Advisor,” said Jason Henry, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “In a historic time for Pennsylvania politics, we are building a strong and robust team ready to deliver for Pennsylvanians.”

“Marisa has worked for a diverse group of candidates and has experience communicating to audiences across the country in support of Democratic leaders — and we’re confident she will bring this dedication to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party as we work to drive victories throughout the state,” Henry continued. 

Nahem, a Ohio native, most recently served as Press Secretary for Nina Turner’s 2021 OH-11 congressional special election campaign. Prior to working on Turner’s campaign, she was Deputy Press Secretary for Theresa Greenfield’s 2020 U.S. Senate campaign in Iowa. 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to join such an experienced and dedicated team at a crucial time for Pennsylvanians,” said Nahem. “Strong Democratic leadership is crucial in 2022 and beyond, and I am determined to hold Republicans accountable in this historic gubernatorial election. I’m proud to be able to do this work and look forward to Pennsylvanians showing the nation in November 2022 that a far-right agenda and election conspiracies have no place in the Commonwealth.”

This is the second time this year that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has expanded their communications team. 

In May, the PA Democratic Party announced the hirings of Jack Doyle to serve as Senior Communications Advisor, while Rosie Lapowsky was hired to be the Deputy Communications Director for the state party. 

Brendan Welch continues to serve as the PA Democratic Party Communications Director, a role he has been in since October 2019.

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8 thoughts on “PA Dems Hire Comms Advisor”

  1. John Tandy says:

    Eric Bradway Former Lower Merion Constable is running for Governor of Pennsylvania


    Do they still not have a dental plan, and does happy hour stil start every day at 1pm

  3. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    GOP has their own cadre of comrade comms advisors to dump nonsense on this and other media. Vile, hateful, and liars.

  4. Dave Thomas Baby Mama says:

    Great article. Communist hires communist.

    1. Dick Cheney’s Bad Heart says:

      Does she come with her own sickle and hammer?

  5. Frank says:

    Wow. She worked for Nina Turner? Just what we need💩

  6. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

    A political “traveling clown” who knows nothing about PA or its voters. Maybe the PA Dems wouldn’t need so many communications staffers if they actually had a message?

  7. dan+spring says:

    Hope she learns that Nina Turner and Bernie Sanders rhetoric is not going to fly in PA

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