PA Dems Hit Wagner on Minimum Wage

PA Dems Wagner AdThe Pennsylvania Democratic Party released a new web video hitting Gubernatorial candidate state Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) for his opposition to increasing the minimum wage, and his comments about friends skiing in Chile.  

The video uses clips from a ‘Scott Wagner Coffee and Donuts’ from the end of March where Wagner voiced his opposition to the minimum wage.  

“Scott Wagner is an out-of-touch Harrisburg insider who spends too time roaming the halls of the capitol and rubbing elbows with special interests to care about what matters most to Pennsylvanians,” PA Dems Communications Director Beth Melena said in statement.  

The video also pulls from an interview Wagner gave on WKOK radio on April 7th. In the interview Wagner says “lot of my friends go to Chile over the summer and ski on the glacier.”  Wagner made that comment as part of a response to a question about climate change.

Web videos like this are used to gain earned media, and to put out pre-packaged opposition research on a candidate.  These videos are often pushed out to supporters to share on social media as well.  

Update: Wagner’s campaign hit back at Governor Tom Wolf’s record.  

“The Democrats want to talk about anything other than Tom Wolf’s record as a failed Governor. Scott Wagner supports policies for Pennsylvania that will create jobs and raise the standard of living for everyone,” Wagner’s campaign manager Jason High said in an email.

You can view the ad here:

12 Responses

  1. Beth Melena has always had a fondness for sneak politics dating to the days she was assigned to follow Tom Corbett with a camera and, when asked who she was, slyly responding, “Oh, I’m with the state party,” leaving reporters and others with the impression she was part of the Corbett entourage. Little wonder she’s now directing a new generation of garbage collectors with cameras.

  2. Seneca-

    No. That isn’t Wolf’s agenda. It should be. The problem with Wolf is that he’s barely doing anything on any of those fronts and seems to have zero passion for them.

    Much of the reason is his feckless political “leadership” in ignoring the state house/senate races in 2014 and having negative coattails, and not making enough effort to correct the legislative imbalance in 2016.
    The GOP has a nearly veto proof majority and Wolf can’t get anything accomplished beyond vetoing the GOP agenda.

    I believe Wolf would sign an increase in minimum wage, but he lacks the political juice to get a bill to his desk. He’s beholden to the frackers, and the legislature is bought and paid for, so we aren’t going to see any movement there as Wolf lacks the spine to stand up to the frackers.

    The GOP doesn’t want to really improve the lives of Pennsylvanians, and (too many of) the Dems are content to sit back, collect their paychecks and blame the GOP.

  3. Wolf is the only guy in the room who doesn’t know he is going to get crushed by Wagner.

  4. If there was any doubt that Wagner is the guy to beat, this lame attack 18 months before the election removes it. Wolf’s failure as governor is exceeded only by his circus of a campaign.

  5. Could this governor race be any more of a microcosm of the presidential race? The Democrat is a far-left liberal, career politician who has been in Harrisburg forever f*ing things up and pushing radical policies. The Republican is a no-nonsense straight-talking businessman who has the left overplaying its hand with occasional verbal miscues.

  6. @David Diano. Interesting post.

    But I thought we all knew Governor Wolf’s program already. BTW, it isn’t working.

  7. 1) Raise minimum wage so people can make a living wage and have money to spend for goods/services, which will increase jobs and tax-base.

    2) Promote more renewable energy, turn abandon factories into making solar panels and windmills

    3) invest in smart power grid improvements

    4) Stop fracking or tax it properly

    5) Cut the budgets and salaries of the officials in Harrisburg

    6) Get rid of the for-profit charter schools and properly fund public education

    7) stop blaming the pension deficit on the people who are due pension benefits. they paid their obligations and held up their end. state needs to fund it properly

    8) raise pa income tax on incomes over $100,000 or $200,000 to 3.5% or 4%

    9) stop trying to privatize state stores

  8. Dems have horrible platform and harmful economic policies their only game plan to win is distract from real issues. Pathetic.

  9. There’s a lot Wagner can hit back at PA Democrats on, as well.

    What voters want to hear from Wagner, and any other candidate for governor, is:

    How they will create jobs or bring more jobs into the state;

    How they will control spending, and avoid budget deficits;

    How they plan to address the huge pension deficit;

    And whether they plan to cooperate with the Federal government on immigration, drug control, environmental, and other issues.

  10. That his friends can afford to go to southern South America to ski on a glacier during our summer shows how out of touch with the reality of ordinary PA lives is Wagner. BTW, when it is summer here, it is winter there. So skiing there during our summer here is no big feat, other than the enormous expense of the trip.

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