Pa. Dems Launch Digital Ads Welcoming Barletta to Senate Race

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is kicking off Congressman Lou Barletta’s entrance into the race for U.S. Senate with a digital ad campaign welcoming him to the race.

The ads focus on Barletta’s votes for trade deals and the positions Republican candidates Paul Addis and Jeff Bartos have on them.  

“Pennsylvanians deserve to know why Congressman Barletta voted to fast track TPP and supported deals with Korea, Colombia, and Panama that hurt American workers and cost us jobs. When push comes to shove, an ethically challenged career politician like Congressman Barletta can only be counted on to fight for his wealthy special interest backers. Pennsylvania workers and families deserve far better,” Democratic party spokesman Max Steele said in a statement.  

The ad, a 30-second video, will be pushed on Facebook and Twitter targeting voters using a mix of geotargeting, likely focused in Barletta’s district, and voters across the state who will likely have a positive response to the ad.  

Digital ad buys, especially ones with Facebook and Twitter, often do not have large amounts of money behind them, especially early in the campaign, but will likely grow as more is learned about the midterm electorate.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to the Barletta campaign for comment.  

You can view the ad below.  

8 Responses

  1. Facebook banned all the right-wingers and for everything else, there’s AdBlock.

    Boomers are still the demographic to win I suppose.

  2. PA Dema just overplayed their hand and showed how scared they are of Lou. This is clearly an effort to try to soften his hardcore R support. It won’t work and everyone will rally to him after the Primary. pA Dems are afraid of Lou facing Bobby Casey and this ad makes it so obvious.

  3. Aren’t these trade policies Obama’s? Looks like the votes were made the same years he was in office. Bout time the Pa Dems realized their policies suck.

  4. Yikes… the quality of this digital ad is amateur hour. PA Democrats need better consultants

  5. Yeah, he’s awful, but I anticipate the Dems will overplay their hand like always and galvanize his base. I think Casey will be alright, but it will be in spite of the state party and not because of it.

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