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Pa. Dems Launch New Video After Wagner Gets Nod From Bannon

Dems Wagner VideoThe Pennsylvania Democratic Party is jumping on the nod state Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner (R-York) received from former Trump advisor Steve Bannon with a new web video.  

During an event in St. Louis, Bannon gave Wagner a shoutout during his speech.  

“Scott Wagner’s endorsement by the leader of America’s Alt Right movement, Steve Bannon, should be no surprise,” Pa. Dems Communications Director Beth Melena said in a statement announcing the video.  

The video uses clips from WHP, describing the Bannon’s support for Wagner, then cuts to an audio clip saying that Brietbart’s website, which Bannon ran before joining the Trump campaign, is a “favorite of extremists and white nationalists.”  

“Right wing Scott Wagner’s endorsement by Steve Bannon proves that he is far too extreme for Pennsylvanians,” Melena said.  

Videos like this are used mainly to help fire up the party’s base, and to gain earned media coverage.  

Update: Wagner’s campaign responded by turning the tables, and putting the pressure on Governor Tom Wolf.  

“I think the PA Dems should spend less time worrying about who is supporting Scott and more time worrying about what a failed Governor Tom Wolf is. Pennsylvania state government is falling apart all around Governor Wolf, and all he and his cronies in the Democrat Party want to talk about are national issues,” Wagner campaign manager Jason High said.

You can view the video below.  

6 Responses

  1. Seriously? The best the PA Dems can do is say “Scott Wagner is too conservative for Pennsylvania?” If you’re voting for Scott Wagner, you know that already. That’s like telling a bunch of chocolate lovers the cake they’re about to eat has too much chocolate.

    They just aren’t very good at this winning elections thing.

  2. Im with joe from bloomsburg. The only rational vote is Paul Mango. Everyone else is lacking character and vision.

  3. Right now John Brabilker is pounding his head off his desk trying to figure out his low-energy moderate client can get some traction.

  4. *I mean Tom Wolf! Casey would dispatch the other nut Barletta if no reasonable Republicans step up!

    The alt right (and extreme left) should be defeated!

  5. Another reason to vote Paul Mango! A former army officer and consultant with McKinsey’s health care practice is the perfect medicine for getting PA moving!!

    Wagner is just another loudmouth demagogue …. and would be CRUSHED by Bob Casey!!!!

  6. “Alt right” is just PR whitewashing of “white supremacist/nationalist”. It is a term popularized by white supremacist Richard Spencer who has explicitly stated that he is pushing an agenda of “white identity politics” and trying to make them mainstream. Steve Bannon said, “we’re the platform for the alt right”. And Wagner is proud to have Bannon’s endorsement.

    One would hope this would be disqualifying, but he seems to be in the lead in the primary. Highly disturbing.

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