PA Dems Name New Executive Director

democratic-donkeyThe Pennsylvania Democratic Party has named Sinceré Harris their new Executive Director.

“Sinceré is going to be integral to leading and overseeing the new State Party team,” said Party Chairman Marcel Groen. “She has the talent and vision to advance our message and raise its profile in both the state and the nation, and I look forward to working with her.”

Harris is a Philadelphia native and Temple University grad who worked on President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

She has a long history with Governor Wolf, serving as his Southeast Political Director and eventually becoming Deputy Statewide Political Director. After the election, Harris became Deputy Director of the Wolf Inaugural Committee. Finally, she worked in the Wolf Administration’s Office of Legislative Affairs.

“Sinceré has been a trusted member of my team, serving in a variety of important roles,” Governor Tom Wolf stated. “She will help build the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania with a focus on ensuring that all Pennsylvanians who want to fix our schools, eliminate our deficit, create jobs, and get this state back on track have a voice and an opportunity to change Pennsylvania and take on the status quo. Sinceré has significant experience winning tough elections in Pennsylvania, and I have confidence that she will continue to help elect candidates who will make our commonwealth stronger.”

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  1. Same old same old, blah..blah…blah…So Marcel is another tool who can’t even pick his own E.D.? I’ll bet it wasn’t even Wolf’s choice to make. Wolf is so out of his league that he has to listen to Rendell calling the shots. Betcha Wolf will not run for a second term and we’ll be going through this again in a few years.. I am so truly fed up with my own party, it’s all about titles and power.

  2. United we stand, divided we fall.
    All this negative talk about Wolf and his choices. Wolf has done an outstanding job in his choices and picks. This is the first Gov elect that truly chooses his people correctly. We have had past politicians choose by nepotism and favortism without caring about experience, knowledge, actually able to do the job honestly, ccorrectly and with alot of caring.
    Gov Wolf has chosen his people with experience, caring, and capaable of handling the job. That is a big difference than most Governors and politicians I have seen in the past.
    So if you want to denounce Wolf, just think of his philanthropic ways of thinking going against Wall Street thinkers who have corrupted the entire system. Who have bankrupted the school district. Who have used funds orchestrated for our children and people in need and used it to build their wealth, and the wealth of their friends and family that I have seen get more praise than people like Gov Wolf who is fighting our battles.
    Gov Wolf needs all of our support if we are to build a generation of thinkers and not a generation of poverty stricken children who will grow up one day with a vengeance on society because society has lost caring for them.

  3. Washo did a great job building up the party apparatus and left after an impressive record. PADems could certainly use another Mary Isenhour. I hope Sin’s time working with Mary gave her an opportunity to learn from one of the greats; I’m interested to see how she does.

  4. As for Ms Harris, she doesn’t have very big shoes to follow. The many times I visited the office Diane was a no show as well as phoning her (out of the office).

    Appreciate the change, put the Party back to when real democrats ran things.

  5. I wish her the best. I know she has huge shoes to fill, given that she is replacing Diane Bowman. Bowman is one of the most devoted Dems I’ve ever met. She is also incredibly motivated, reliable and knowledgeable of all things and most people Dem.

    It makes no sense to me why she was so quickly dismissed after the new Chair took over, given her performance to date, which was by all accounts, outstanding.

  6. I was a state committee member during the Mary Isenhour / TJ Rooney era and I thought the party ran very well during that time. From what I have read, Ms. Harris has worked for Mary Isenhour in the past and I think that bodes well for the state party.

    Good luck, you’re going to need that and a thick skin!

  7. So, where is Sincere going to live?????? Another Philly no show in Harrisburg? After all Harrisburg is pretty much the center of PA

  8. I agree with Verde. The number one Job should be to ask why Eakin has not stepped down yet !!! Second should be to find out why any elected Dem who called for KGK to resign is still a Dem and assure them they will receive no endorsement or help from the Democratic Party. Oh wait that includes Wolf DePasquele Teplitz and Burns…..Oh yea Burns is gone already !!!

    Oh well who will be next ED !!!!! Maybe it will be a real Dem next!!!! LOL …….Why’s my Party a Joke…!

  9. Here’s my questions:

    1) Did she apply for the job? (and who else applied that she beat?)

    2) OR Was she “assigned” the job by Wolf?
    (Given his precedent of trying to install McGinty, and Marcel’s claims that state committee should honor requests from the Gov, or gov nominee… this is not out of the realm of possibility)

    3) Did Marcel hear how great she was and ask if Wolf could spare her?

    Note: All three of these scenarios still imply that either Wolf or Marcel find Ms Harris to be a good choice. The question is “or” vs “and” as to how the decision was made, and Ms Harris became available. Did she apply, looking for a career move, or was she asked? Was anyone else considered and didn’t make the cut, or was unavailable, or uninterested?

    Her track record going forward will determine was this a good pick/fit, and I wish her the best of luck.

    I’m just curious as to the process (if anyone can shed light on it).

  10. In My Opinion this Proves that No one Trusts Marcel Groen and that Wolf had to Find a Baby Sitter For Marcel

  11. I’m sure she’s right for the job. However, Democratic State Committee seems to be chewing through these poor folks pretty quickly. A new appointment is made just about annually. I’m hoping for Remus Lupin next year.

  12. Sincere is an awesome young women who brings excellence to all of her endeavors. She is a wonderful choice.

  13. Sin-your first job is to lock Wolfe and Marcel in a room until they come up with a statement demanding that Eakin step down from the Supreme Court. Remember that Castille organized McCaffery’ s “retirement” after suspending him within days of the email disclosure. Shouldn’t Eakin be treated the same way? Sin? Sin??

  14. Would it kill you to have shown us her picture? Not that that makes a big difference, but it would have been nice.

  15. I’m on board! There’s plenty to do, I’d be glad to help, from the far corner of southwestern PA!

  16. Sin worked with me on the 2012 Obama Race. She is exactly what the Party needs right now. She is intelligent, dedicated, passionate, extremely hard working, and most important, hungry. Hiring a more institutional person for this job is the wrong move. The party needs someone with new ideas who will work 24/7. Sin is that person. I have no doubt that she will continue to build great relationships and do a phenomenal job as ED.

  17. Was college drop-out turned entrepreneur/ political strategist Richard Maopolski considered for this position? He deserves a position in the Wolf Administration. They call him the Bill Gates of NEPA up here.


  18. Sin rocks! Was a huge asset to the Wolf campaign and Wolf admin. The party will only get stronger with her in the lead!

  19. I am a Democratic State Committee member. We haven’t had a good and qualified ED since Mary Isenhour. Washo (too high paid and full of himself) Cross (didn’t like people enough to be effective) Bowman (glorified office manager that never should have been thought of for the job). The trend continues here. I am disappointed in Marcel and the Governor. This shows a lack of respect for our body to put someone so inexperienced in this important job.

    I thought that Marcel would be able to take us in a new and smart direction with a quality and experienced team. Megan is great as Data Director. But this Sincere decision is all wrong.

  20. True Believer –

    Agreed. I worked with Sin in Montco and she had no idea what she was doing and didn’t know any of the electeds or union people.

    Shouldn’t the ED of the Party have good contacts and relationships with politicos and members of State Cmte and maybe actually have attended a meeting once?

  21. Maybe the Wolf folks finally realized she is a liability and dumped her on the Party. This shows Wolf and Isenhour want to burn the party down. This lone Wolf Wolf act is getting old.

    God bless Democrats. You’re going to need it.

  22. New theory: Wolf is actually a Republican and is trying to burn the Dems to the ground. From his staff appointments to this move, the end of the PA Democratic Party is near.

    We all know David Diano should be ED anyways.

  23. This is going to be a disaster. Sin, as she is known, was a terrible Deputy Political Director for Wolf. She knew none of the players names and was disrespectful or ignorant about what needed to be done. Thank God Wolf was going to win in any case and didn’t need a legitimate Political Shop with Obie and Sin running it.

  24. So that was the deal –

    Marcel you can be Chairman, but I’m going to put in one of my people in as Exec. Dir to really run the show and keep an eye on you. The important thing is that we pushed Jim Burn out, right.

    Tom Wolf

  25. Yo Imma let ya’ll finish commentating, but Sincere is gonna be the best ED of all time.

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