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Barletta: Moore Should Withdraw If Allegations Found to Be True

Update: “The allegations against Judge Moore are very serious and disturbing. If they are found to be true, Judge Moore should step aside immediately,” Barletta said in a statement to PoliticsPA.

As the accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore grow, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the Philadelphia National Organization for Women are pushing for Senate candidate Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) to take a position on Moore.  

“Congressman Barletta must join his fellow Pennsylvania Republicans in clearly and unequivocally repudiating Roy Moore and calling on him to end his Senate campaign,” Pa. Dems Executive Director Sinceré Harris said in a statement.  

Moore has been accused of sexually assaulting two women when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s.  The second accuser came out today in a press conference.  

“Congressman Barletta’s silence in the face of these developments is problematic. Does Barletta think Moore should step aside? Would Barletta back efforts to expel Moore from the Senate should he win?” President of Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women Jenné Ayers said.  

Over the weekend, Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey said that Moore should step aside over the allegations.  

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this morning “I think he should step aside” according to the Washington Post, and is considering a write-in campaign for Sen. Luther Strange who ran against Moore in the primary.  

The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Chairman said today that even if Moore wins, he the Senate should vote to remove him.

Moore has said he will not exit the race amid the allegations and calls by Senate leadership and fellow Republicans.

PoliticsPA has reached out to Barletta’s campaign for comment on this story, as well as the campaigns for fellow Republican Senate candidates state Rep. Jim Christiana, and southeastern Pa. businessman Paul Addis.

5 Responses

  1. I won’t be voting for Lou, but good for him. He did the right thing by calling out this pathetic loser of a human being. Ray Moore is a parasite on a flea that leeches off a dog.

  2. Lou has bigger problems than roy moore, if as expected the pennsylvania stooges-also know as Republicans in Congress support this tax fraud bill— they will be voted out of office and Lou will be embarrassed by Casey. Carried interest is still there-SALT has been limited or eliminated–we arent NY or NJ but many in PA get hurt–seniors get clobbered- medical deduction eliminated in senate bill along with self funding for nursing home. Student loan interest out. The PA Republkicans in Congress have been pimps for Boehner and Ryan who have hurt both the NATION and the GOP. Barletta-Meehan, Costello and Fitzpatrick are glaring examples of why Schumer and Pelosi are right(wow- it hurts to say that) but this bill stinks and the more its in the sun the more it becomes obvious. Lets send them to the beach with Chris Christie and Charlie Dent—at least there they cant hurt the people of PA.

  3. cory gardner must be concerned about casey’s vulnerability. since they have claimed bobby’s inevitability.
    nice job lou. . .they are running scared.

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