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Pa. Dems Target Mango Over “Homophobic and Racist” Interview

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is targeting Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango over his interview with Hyung Jin Moon, the leader of a Christian Sect based in Eastern Pennsylvania where Mango agrees children are “indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda.”

During the 37-minute interview with Moon, who sat behind a mounted assault-rifle on his desk, discussed what he viewed as issues in society.  

“There’s so many, I think, people of faith that have strong Christian values that don’t want to send their kids to school because they’re scared of the indoctrination factor,” Moon said.  

“They’re not only going to learn the actual required course load, they’re getting indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda, they’re getting indoctrinated in the transgender agenda saying that their emotions, that they can choose how they feel based on how they feel their gender which is totally against the bible, it’s totally against biology, I mean my goodness.”  

Mango steered the conversation towards property tax, while not disagreeing with Moon’s assertions.  

“Yeah and let me just mention two other things. In addition to all that we’re having ten thousand Pennsylvanians a year evicted from their homes because of out of control property taxes,” Mango said.  

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party jumped on the interview describing the interview as “homophobic and racist.”

“This is the most recent evidence that Paul Mango is moving as far to the right as possible. Paul Mango’s homophobic and racist interview and his subsequent lies about it are proof that he is not fit for public office,” Pa. Dems Communications Director Beth Melena said in a release.  

The Mango campaign fired back saying he does not agree with Moon’s views.  

Paul does not agree that schools are indoctrinating our kids. However, Paul does believe that our culture has eroded and has become more and more intolerant of traditional family values. It is a huge problem when people of faith are attacked for holding to their religious principles,” Mango campaign spokesman Matt Beynon told the Tribune Review.

12 Responses

  1. Paul Mango’s campaign continues to be a circus. Would anyone expect anything different when he hires Brabilker to suck his campaign dry? Poor Paul is funding his campaign with millions of dollars he earned by bilking taxpayers through government contracts like the one he got from Tom Wolf. Brabilker in turn says “Thanks Paul!!!!” and bilks millions from Mango. Brabilker actually collected more money in production fees for TV ads then the candidate spent actually putting the ad on the airwaves! That is some serious bilking. Not to be outdone in the bilking is David Urban. That guy is getting 15k per month from Mango.

    1. The first thing he should have done when the camera turned off was fired whoever let him do that. What a moron.

  2. I’d like to see the weird human origami Wagner will have to fold himself in to for any sort of credible attack in this case. It’s funny watching conservatives trying to out right-wing each other with this stuff.

  3. Political Correctness run amok as our Children are taught that it’s “normalized” behavior for men to dress as women and for society to “be okay” w lunacy?

    1. When conservatives say political correctness they mean treating anyone or anything they disagree with like garbage. (See comment above)

    2. Certainly living up to your “deplorable” title with that homophobia. For as much as you guys clutched at your pearls and feigned outrage at Secretary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark, you sure go to great lengths to prove that they were entirely accurate.

      1. That’s because the current President didn’t throw political correctness out the window. He has just made people feel more comfortable openly being bigots. It’s ok to be white and angry about all the gay foreigners coming here and drinking from the same water fountain now. Burt from Pennsylvania has a GED and no relevant work experience but Dr. Sayed from Jordan is definitely taking his job away and GOD forbid he wants to bring his elderly mother here with him!

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