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PA GOP Bleeps “Jagoff” in New Shirt

Is jagoff a profanity or a colloquialism? The state Republican party is putting themselves strongly in the explicative camp with a new shirt.  

The shirt takes issue with new Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee John Fetterman calling then Presidential candidate Donald Trump a jagoff during Fetterman’s run for the U.S. Senate.  The shirt blurs out “jagoff” and a tweet describes Fetterman’s quote as a “profanity-laced attacks” against Trump.


The Oxford English Dictionary takes a different view of jagoff.  In September 2016 they added jagoff to their dictionary defining it as a noun.  

Oxford defines it fully as “a stupid, irritating, or contemptible person.”  

Fetterman is not the only person to describe Trump as a jagoff.  In July of 2016, Mark Cuban called Trump a jagoff during a rally for Hillary Clinton in Pittsburgh.

32 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t call Trump a “jagoff”. I’d call him a hatemonger, a grifter, a sack of corruption, a draft dodger and a warmonger. Above all, I’d call him the F word – FASCIST.

      1. When you read the definition, Trump is pretty damned close to one with his intolerance and nationalism at the expense of individuals!

  2. What a bunch of snowflakes the modern GOP are. Make up your mind, are you tough-guy realists or are you little old church ladies?

  3. I think Fetterman a perfect addition to the Democratic Ticket. A Harvard trust fund baby who pretends to be part of the working class. He reminds of our Governor. You know the guy who flagged non union Pennsylvania manufactured beer from his Inauguration Parties but owns and ran a non union cabinet manufacturing company in York County.

    1. Wow! John Fetterman was born in Reading to teen-age parents whom he described as “very poor.” They moved to York, where his father set up a successful insurance agency. Fetterman describes his upbringing as middle class. Yes, he attended grad school at Harvard, but those of us in York know that he is certainly not a trust fund baby. It is a laughable slur designed to demean his real achievements.

      1. The trust fund hasn’t kicked in yet…he daddy just bankrolls everything for the time being.

        Get a grip Jasper: Fetterman is simply not the good person you think he is.

  4. This seems like a terrible strategy. The GOP runs much stronger in Western PA – but with this they are going to alienate more people in that area by being sensitive crybabies and trying to make a profanity out of a colloquialism. Don’t Trump and Wagner appeal to those that like brashness and “straight talk.”

  5. This is a GREAT opportunity for Team Fetterman to use the blurred image and create a meme and social media campaign to “fill-in-the-blank”.

    The PA GOP is afraid to admit what Trump is. So, maybe Team Fetterman can give them some “hints”. LOL 🙂

  6. Predict that Jeff Bartos will be significantly more of a liability to Wagner than Fetterman is to Wolf. Dude is involved in some shady stuff.

    1. Typical left-wing tactic – throw something out like it’s factual and walk away.

      Fetterman is a loser mayor who has had plenty of opportunity to turn around his community, and still fails to do so – apparently blaming his failures on people like Trump (who has only be around for about two years).

      When the average Joes in PA hear what Fetterman has been trying to sell (which his own party wasn’t buying when he ran for U.S. Senate not so long ago), and they see him standing next to a tiny Tom Wolf, this pair will be wishing they hand’t been put together by the Democratic voters.

  7. “a stupid, irritating or contemptible person” – I don’t think Trump is stupid, but irritating AND contemptible person, that he 100% is. Therefore, Trump is a JAGOFF. What’s the beef here?

  8. Fetterman would be wise to ditch the 2018 version of the “Fonzi” look by occasionally dressing the part with a coat and tie. I don’t think that Fetterman is a negative and, in fact, Stack would easily have been more of an issue. If Wagner thinks he is going to win because Fetterman is on the ticket, he is kidding himself “big time.” Key issues: Wagner’s personality..lacks that Tom Ridge nice guy charm that wowed Pa..Fetterman is not at all an issue.

    1. If Trump’s approval rating goes to 45% or higher, Fetterman will become a very big liability to Wolf.

      Generally,people like a story of those who came from nothing and made something of themselves, unlike the silver-spoon Fetterman, who has been on his parent’s teet his entire life

      1. If this happens pigs will fly and if that happens ice cream cones will fall from the sky! Be real. Lt. Gov race doesn’t mean squat. Period. Frankly, your dreamy 45% would only have relevance should Stack have won otherwise it’s silly season on the board here. Fetterman is not a liability and that is obvious. drumming that drum beat is newbie hour at the OK Corral.

        1. Get ready for 45% (and better), because he’s basically there now (at 43%), and that’s before more people start seeing the benefits of the federal tax reform. PA utility customers will soon see at least a $320 million benefit from the federal tax reform – tell me what Tom Wolf has done to deliver anything close to $320 million to Pennsylvanians?

          He added more of a burden on all PA taxpayers by making Medicaid more widely available (to able-bodied adults who should be able to get their own insurance), he made sure the PLCB can raise prices (not lower them) on all the popular wine and spirits bought at the state stores (even beer seems more expensive now that you can buy it at more places), and he’s still trying to make sure quite a few other things cost more in PA (like natural gas) … but he did sign off on legalized marijuana (not that he did any work to get it passed in the Legislature). Problem is, the currently available stuff costs an arm and a leg, so he’s now legalizing dry leaf in hopes of driving down prices, even though smoking the stuff is illegal within the law he signed and most people are going to smoke it when they get the dry leaf.

          What a governor – and you’re adding “King Kong Bundy” Fetterman to the mix? Maybe Wolf can manage Fetterman in the WWE when Wagner/Bartos beat them.

    2. You missed it: he put on a suit in February at State Committee. Fits well too. I am looking forward to him presiding over session in the Senate.

  9. Wow….. so I guess we’re in for a real horror show with Lou Barletta, about the nastiest most Trumpian clown in PA, on one end and John Fetterman, the avowed socialist on the other!

    I’m sure they’ll trot Trump and Bernie and the rest of the loons into the Commonwealth.

    Sadly, these two extremes, Barletta and Fetterman are snake oil salesmen who are ideologically committed to one sort of backward authoritarianism or another.

    Definitely hope Casey wrecks Barletta….. and am coming around to Bartos. We got two solid guys running for the 9th now … through Denny Wolff seems brighter and more independent.

    Will be interesting to see how Tom Wolf and Scott Wagner interact or distance themselves from the Fettermans and Barlettas of the world…..

    1. You obviously know nothing about John Fetterman. He’s far from a snake oil salesman. He doesn’t
      Any money from pacs, etc. He works for the ppl. He completely turned around a town that was riddled with murders & poverty. You should check him out before judging him.

      1. He takes no money because he comes from money … and Braddock is still riddled with the same things.

        1. Nice try…John Fetterman’s father ran an insurance agency. He grew up middle class not “from money.” Braddock is on the up – no murders in five years, population stabilized, new businesses coming in. Is it a charming little community yet? No, but it is no longer dying.

  10. When yinz became the Party of Trump, yinz lost the right to clutch them pearls n’at.

  11. There was a cry and a howl heard from the Wolf homestead (akin to the scream of Jack Woltz finding his prized horse’s head in his bed, after turning down the Godfather’s request) after he found out that Fetterman had won…

  12. This will gain the GOP exactly 0 votes. In fact, its likely to lose them votes.

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