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PA GOP Congressmen React to Boehner’s Resignation

uscapitol-washingtondc-picture1This morning Speaker of the House John Boehner shocked the political world by announcing that he will resign his seat on Oct. 30th.

A number of his Republican colleagues from Pennsylvania have already released statements describing their reactions.

Congressman Scott Perry

“I thank John Boehner for his service to our country. Speaker Boehner didn’t have an easy job. Though I’ve emphatically shared my policy disagreements with him, I still respect him.  His decision to resign and put the Republican Conference and the institution before himself is indicative of the man’s character. Our Nation has undergone similar moments of major political change in the past and we’ve managed to come together to move the country forward. I will work actively with my colleagues to choose a new leadership team that can clearly and forcefully articulate a positive, conservative, governing vision for our country that honors the promises we made to the people who sent us here.”

Congressman Glenn Thompson

“I was present earlier today when Speaker Boehner announced before the House Republican Conference that he would be resigning from Congress at the end of October.

“Over the few years I have been in Congress, I have greatly appreciated John Boehner’s sincerity, candor and friendship.

“I say to my fellow Republicans, let’s not forget John Boehner’s pivotal role in bringing our party to the most significant majority since World War II.

“Also, let’s not squander the opportunity provided to us by the American people to advance conservative principles in a unified House.

“My hope for all Americans is to remember Speaker Boehner’s service in Congress as that of a statesman from Ohio, a gentleman of humble beginnings, son of a bartender, who through hard work and perseverance honorably served his country in one of the highest capacities.

“John Boehner’s story is the story of America, where hard work and determination can go a long way. It should serve as an example for people from all walks of life – that those who wish to make themselves and their country a better place can do it right here in America. I wish the Speaker the best of luck in the next chapter of his story.”

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

“Under Speaker Boehner’s leadership this House has worked to represent the American people and their interests every day. There is no doubt the Speaker loves his country, his state and this institution. His decision today is the most humble, graceful and selfless act that I’ve seen in my time in Congress. I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.”

Congressman Bill Shuster

“I’ve known John Boehner since my first day in office and he has been my friend ever since.  Speaker Boehner was a tireless advocate for his constituents, the state of Ohio and the nation and I thank him for his service. I wish he and Debbie and their family all the best as they begin the next chapter of their lives.”

Congressman Tom Marino

“I have no doubt the pundits and commentators will have a field day with this announcement but we should not forget how incredibly difficult the job of Speaker is. Speaker Boehner took that job head-on. He dealt with the extreme left and their constant demonization of Republicans’ thoughtful and responsible solutions to move our country forward – and he did so with patience. He was also instrumental to Republicans taking back the House in 2010. I was among those whom he supported and we could not have done it without his committed leadership. I wish him well in all his future endeavors.”

Congressman Lou Barletta

“I have often said that Speaker Boehner had one of the toughest jobs in politics: trying to maintain order in a chamber with so many strong opinions that head in so many different directions.  I know what the old cliché says, but honestly, herding cats would be a lot easier.

“I have not always agreed with the Speaker on every issue, but I always found that he treated people fairly and with respect.  He was willing to listen to dissenting points of view and was capable of responding to the concerns of different segments of his caucus.  I appreciate that he gave me a prominent voice in House deliberations on immigration policy, and I credit him for joining me in touring the damage in the Susquehanna River Valley in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee in 2011.  In many ways, Speaker Boehner had an impossible job, in that he was being asked to overcome a Senate that remains an obstacle to House legislation because of its arcane rules, and a White House that dismisses disagreement out of hand.  Under the circumstances, I feel he has done a commendable job.

“The Speaker recently became a grandfather for the first time, and I know from personal experience how difficult it is to be away from family for such extended periods of time.  There can be no question that he is going out on a high note, as he is responsible for bringing Pope Francis for his historic address Congress this week.  As a fellow Catholic, I know how important his faith is to the Speaker, and I am happy he will have the memory of the Holy Father’s visit.  I sincerely wish Speaker Boehner well in his life after Congress.

“The Speaker’s retirement naturally means that we must select new leadership in the House.  As that process moves forward, I will be carefully considering all of the candidates for all of the positions.”

Congressman Keith Rothfus

“I thank Speaker Boehner for his leadership and a special thanks to his wife, Debbie, for the support she has given her husband in this challenging role. The Speaker has always placed the institution above himself. I respect his decision and admire the humility it took to make it.”

“Speaker Boehner gave us the largest Republican majority since 1928. This accomplishment has allowed the GOP to advance common sense policy solutions to grow the economy and put families back to work.”

Congressman Charlie Dent

“He’s principled, yet he understood that he had a responsibility to lead and govern,” Dent told Laura Olson of the Morning Call. “And he was criticized by many of his own members for that reason.”

“Any jackass can kick down a barn door. It takes a carpenter to hang one. We need a few more carpenters around here, and everybody knows it.”

8 Responses

  1. Costello had been one of 7 Freshmen to sign a letter to protect Boehner and stop a shut done. Meehan is silent because the conservative base in his district is LIVID over other issues.

  2. Costello and Meehan are silent – don’t want to offend the teabaggers and “white nationalists” that the Republican Party embraces so tightly.

  3. Reaction: If you thought Boehner was bad…. wait until you see the crazy sob they replace him with

  4. Boehner is leaving to spare himself the humiliation of getting voted out. Shuster should do the same.

  5. Notably, GOP Congressman Pat Meehan is missing in action, offering no reaction to such a rebuke of mainstream republicans by the controlling tea party.

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