PA GOP Files Petition Challenges of Non-Endorsed Candidate

Mary-MurrayThe Republican Party of Pennsylvania filed a challenge to Allegheny County Magisterial Court Judge Mary Murray in Commonwealth Court.  Murray filed nominating petitions for Superior Court.  

The Party is challenging both the total number of signatures obtained by Murray, and that she filed over 100 signatures in five counties.  Statewide judicial candidates must file 1,000 signatures with over 100 from five separate counties.  

Murray is the only non-party endorsed candidate who filed petitions for the Republican primary.  The Party endorsed Judge Emil Giordano, Wade Kagarise, Judge Paula Patrick, and Craig Stedman. 

PoliticsPA has reached out to Murray’s campaign and the PA GOP for comment.

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5 thoughts on “PA GOP Files Petition Challenges of Non-Endorsed Candidate”

  1. Rev. Glen Bayly says:

    If the Party elites want any respect they would specify why I should vote for their candidates and ignore one they didn’t pick. They are not trusted anymore and their endorsement raises questions of the qualifications of the ones they endorse. If they just send out dictates, I never thought I live in a dictatorship. Money for robocalls is wasted and is as appreciated as the rest of the telemarketers.

  2. eagleswing says:

    it’s still a free country where anyone who wants to run for anything can claim to live where s/he or he needs to allegedly meet the residency requirements, forge the required number of signatures, file these fraudulent signatures over perjurious candidate oaths , and sometimes even get the Dem or republican endorsement. the required number of signatures can always be be obtained boyhood or crook. then have the party collect up all the circulator petitions, and have one convenient unscrupulous notary notarize them all without the need for the ‘circulators’ themselves to ever ‘affirm and swear before me…’ unfortunately the parties just don’t care about trivial things like perjurious oaths for their beloved candidates.

  3. Chuckie Porter the rat says:

    How did she become a judge in the first place? I never saw her in law school and I would know because I flunked out of all of them.

  4. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    She is an unqualified goofball wasting everybody’s time to see her name in the newspaper. Sad.

  5. cmon says:

    She is just like bill caye running against party endorsements,is her rating by the pa bar not recommended like caye.

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