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PA GOP: Joe Sestak Refers To Arlen Specter As His Role Model?

PA GOP: Joe Sestak Refers To Arlen Specter As His Role Model?

Voters Rejected Arlen Specter, Now It’s Time To Dump SestakHARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak’s admission at a fundraiser last night that he wants to model himself after Arlen Specter.

“If anyone still had any doubts, Joe Sestak’s admission yesterday that he wants to model his career after Arlen Specter proves he is officially a member of the entrenched Democratic machine,” Gleason said.  “Arlen Specter was rejected by Pennsylvanians in the Primary Election, and even before the Primary when he was a ‘Republican,’ because of his support of an out-of-touch big-government agenda and because he proved he would do anything to stay in power – and Joe Sestak views him as a role model? 

“If Joe Sestak thought Arlen Specter was so great, why did he run against him in the Primary?  In stark contrast to his recent tributes to Senator Specter, Sestak not too long ago called Specter a liar and said he didn’t think he was a Democrat – Does he still stand by those statements today? 

“What is clear from last night’s events is that Joe Sestak is already like Arlen Specter – he will say or do anything to get elected.  In the Primary, he attacked Specter for his failed tenure in the U.S. Senate and now he is applauding the legacy he has left behind.  This statement again raises the question; can we really trust anything Joe Sestak says?  The answer is No!”

At a Sestak fundraiser held last night at a Philadelphia law firm where Joe Sestak was joined by U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer, Bob Casey and Arlen Specter.  According to an attendee, Alan Sandals, who spoke to the Allentown Morning Call, Sestak gave a tribute to Senator Specter:
“It was not as much a campaign speech as a tribute to Sen. Specter,” Sandals said. “It was less political in that sense. Most of what Sestak said was about Specter’s legacy in the Senate and how he hoped he’d be able to continue the initiatives. What a model he’d been for people like himself.” (Itkowitz, Colby, “Sestak lauds Specter at Philly fundraiser,” Allentown Morning Call, 10/12/10)

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