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PA GOP May Get New Chairman

val-digiorgioRepublicans in Pennsylvania had a good night on November 8th.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all is well and calm within the party.

According to John Micek of the Patriot-News, Chester County GOP Chair Val DiGiorgio is planning to run for Chair of the state party.

Additionally, incumbent head Rob Gleason may choose to step down in favor of General Counsel Lawrence Tabas.

You can read DiGiorgio’s letter to party members here.

One intriguing aspect of his candidacy is that Chester County is one of the few areas where Republicans are losing ground in Pennsylvania. Democrats posted voter registration gains there in 2016 and Clinton even won the county, which is just the second time Chester’s gone blue since 1964.

The election for the position will take place at the party’s annual winter meeting in Hershey on Feb. 4th.

22 Responses

  1. How could anyone support a man who walked out on his wife and children after getting his girlfriend pregnant then marrying her? His values aren’t mine and he should not be chair of a county, let alone the state. He lied and cheated and a shower is in order when he is in the room. That’s not the Republican Party I grew up with. We need a leader with personal integrity.

  2. Asher is for Val? Val’s wife works for Shapiro? Val’s frequent visits to Montco Commissioners are to see Josh? Oh, and again Asher is for him? Tell me, when did Asher ever pick a statewide winner? The Asher model is to remain relevant by not letting any other GOPer from SEPA get elected to major statewide office. That is why there are no powerful SEPA Republicans. So, Val, if Asher is in your corner, you’re already slimed by the biggest slimeball in PA history. The man who fresh off from his prison term for political corruption and the death of Bud Dwyer, ruined Montco by primarying the incumbents and leading to the first of the two Hoeffel governments, leading to Hoeffel taking the congressional seat permently D. Then Jimbo Matthews, thanks to Asher, takes Montco permently D and is arrested too, like his hero Asher. Then Tom Corbett, thanks to Asher, takes PA statewide elections permently D. All for the personal aggrandizement of Asher. If Val is in the model, he’s a sewer rat. See the Candyman coming in NY next week? RUN!

  3. Trump and Toomey won this year despite Gleason and not because of him. Rumor is Rafferty is 100% behind Val’s efforts because the only person that hurt Rafferty and many other statewide row officers is Gleason. Gleason has failed so much that he should not be able to hand pick his successor.

  4. Val has been an excellent leader in Chester County. He has shown the ability to fundraiser and win in difficult districts, promotes transparency and he has been committed to the necessary grassroots work that wins elections. If the PA Rep. Party wants to be relevant again, they should consider him.

  5. Freedom Lover-

    I worked on the Trump campaign at one of the Chester county field offices and your assertion that the party “steered clear of Trump” couldn’t have been further from the truth. You sadly lack an understanding of the demographics in Southeast PA. Nationally Trump didn’t do as strongly with affluent and highly educated demographics, NEWS FLASH: CHESTER COUNTY! There was a dedicated effort between the local party and the Trump offices in Chester county to get Trump elected. While I didn’t like that Trump lost the county, I think it would have been much worse had what you asserted in your post actually taken place.

  6. I found Val and the HQ staff very much involved with the Trump and Toomey reelection efforts. From Trump events to Toomey our keynote speaker at the fall fundraiser Val was pushing hard to get them over the top. I saw the effort that was put out this election cycle and am still amazed by the energy and focus that flowed from HQ. We need Val at the state level.

  7. Val is using Bob Asher and his dirty crime money to try and buy the Chairman position. People who vote for him are cutting their own throats. Do some homework and you will see how crooked Val really is.

  8. Trump and Toomey won in spite of the Party. Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated came out to reject the Establishment and the status quo that Val DiGiorgio and friends are as much a part of as Hillary Clinton.

    The Chesco party made sure to steer clear of Trump — not even including any Trump lit in door hangers throughout the county. Trump did much worse in Chesco than he did in historically Democratic Lackawanna, with its huge Democratic registration advantage. And Trump crushed Clinton in Luzerne, another historically Democratic County with an almost two to one Democrat registration advantage. Trump ran as much as six to one ahead of Clinton in some counties and that enabled him to make up the massive deficits from Philadelphia, Chesco and just a few others. Trump’s percentage loss in Chester County was surpassed only in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, and Allegheny.

    Of course, if you read what Val DiGiorgio puts out, you wouldn’t know the numbers.

    Rafferty, a sitting Chester County (a good part of the district) State Senator “wins” the county by 50 votes of over 272,500 cast and surprisingly that doesn’t make up the 80,000 vote margin in Montco or the 450,000 vote margin in Philly. I guess what Marshall and Larry point out about Val DiGiorgio’s wife getting a job from Josh Shapiro is just an unhappy coincidence.

  9. Lawrence Tabas is the obvious choice. Val is trying to bully people….even Tabas. Do NOT vote for this guy. He is not a good person and very shady, in my opinion.

  10. Gleason has lost every single statewide election for the R’s. Cannot take credit for Trump. Val will be good.

  11. He needs to leave the County and never ever be state chair. He lost control of our WC school board years ago, he allowed a guy under criminal investigation (re: Children) run for state office then had to withdrawal, last year he gave a candidate the wrong info and he had to withdraw from the ballot for lying on his petitions. This past election, Val put a ton of money into a young kid running for state office who thinks Jesus talks directly to him and will be as right wing as you can get in HBG. The kid won by lying and rumor is he doesn’t meet the residency requirement for PA. Val put so much money into that kid’s race that he ignored the others. Now Dan Truitt is in a recount and could lose his seat. Hillary won Chester County, John Rafferty lost the AG Race. Val has failed the people of Chester County, don’t let him fail the whole state.

  12. Yes Larry. Josh Shapiro gave his wife a $150,000 job in Montco. Josh won and Republican faithful John Rafferty lost for AG. What do you think happened there?

  13. Yes Larry. Josh Shapiro gave his wife a $150,000 job in Montco. Josh won and Republican faithful John Rafferty lost for AG. What do you think happened there?

  14. Yes, Josh Shapiro gave her a $150,000 job in Montco. Then Josh wins Attorney General and John Rafferty loses….mmmmm

  15. Val would be far and away better than Rob Gleason. Gleason’s track record includes losses in nearly every judge and statewide row office races…

  16. Rob Gleason has wanted to be the ambassador to Ireland forever. I believe the fact that he was an early Trump supporter and has deep ties with Reince Preibus will be his ticket. Plus, he finally got some wins statewide and in a tenure marked by a lot of losses. I can see him wanting to leave on a high note.

  17. Rob Gleason has run the state party into the ground. The success of 2016 was in spite of him, not because of him.

  18. Carolina DiGiorgio is the Commerce Director of Montgomery County. She also worked with Attorney-General Elect Shapiro at Stradley Ronin

  19. DiGiorgio should not be the chairman. He is trying to buy everyone’s vote. People can see right through him that he is not genuine. The party would crumble under his leadership.

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