PA GOP Rebukes Toomey

The Pennsylvania Republican Party’s Toomey censure saga has come to a conclusion. 

On Monday evening, the PA GOP announced that the state committee voted to “strongly rebuke” Sen. Pat Toomey, but not censure him. 128 GOP state committee members voted to rebuke Toomey, while 124 members voted to censure him, and 13 abstained. 

Toomey was one of seven Republicans to find former President Donald Trump “guilty” in the latest impeachment trial, although the Senate ultimately voted to acquit the former President.

“We are outraged that Senator Toomey took part in an impeachment process that facilitated Democrats’ tireless obsession with partisan political retribution,” the statement from the PA GOP that was voted upon read. 

“Democrats’ used impeachment as a political weapon, which set a dangerous precedent in America, and Senator Toomey did not stand in their way. Instead, the Senator participated in a Democrat-led process that was neither constitutional nor afforded due process –– against a President who was already out of office,” the statement continues. 

“We oppose the Senator’s actions in the strongest terms, but we have faith that the voters will properly address public officials who do not satisfactorily represent the best interests of this nation,” the statement read. 

Toomey, who is currently serving his second term in the Senate, is not seeking reelection in 2022. 

Voting on this specific matter was announced by PA GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas on Monday morning in an email to state committee members. State committee members only had two options in the vote, both of which criticized Toomey’s impeachment vote. 

Tabas backed the effort to “strongly rebuke,” but not censure Toomey. 

“The statement that I proposed, and firmly support, strongly rebukes and admonishes Senator Toomey but does not censure,” Tabas wrote in the initial email about the vote to committee members on Monday morning. 

Voting ended at 9 PM and the announcement was made late Monday night. 

This vote came five days after the PA GOP held a special meeting via Zoom to “consider the issues arising out of the impeachment and the path for our party going forward.”

During that previous meeting last week, which lasted five hours, the PA GOP did not come to a resolution on whether or not to censure Toomey, in a meeting that was plagued by confusion and technical difficulties. 

While the PA GOP did not censure Toomey, they did censure Gov. Tom Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, former PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, and former PA Secretary of Health Rachel Levine. 

Both options in the censure vote included this option for the statewide Democrats. 

While the PA GOP has yet to provide a public formal announcement on the rebuke of Toomey, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party chimed in criticizing their decision to rebuke the GOP Senator. 

“With tonight’s vote to rebuke Senator Toomey, Pennsylvania Republicans have sent a loud and clear message: they are the party of Donald Trump, QAnon, anti-American extremists and the Big Lie — and dissent will never be tolerated,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills in a press release shortly after midnight. “Republican leaders have had countless opportunities to right the wrongs of January 6th and atone for their role in the violence, but at every turn, they have only doubled down.”

Toomey has defended his vote in an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer and various media appearances.

While the PA GOP decided against censuring Toomey, various GOP county committees across the commonwealth did vote to censure him since his impeachment vote

On Sunday, Trump called out Toomey at CPAC, along with other Republicans, who voted to impeach him.

11 Responses

  1. Lawrence Tabas should resign. He’s ineffectual, weak, and cannot raise money. The PAGOP has no business taking up reprimand or censure of a US Senator who has his head screwed on right despite the unseriousness and lameness of his own party.

  2. Pat Toomey has repeatedly demonstrated that he doesn’t care about the people of PA, honest government, or any real moral principles. He’s quitting politics and probably doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the PA GOP. Toomey’s sure to get a golden-parachute from some of the many rich m*ther-f*ckers he’s helped avoid their fair share of taxes.

    1. David – just to let you in on what other people think of you- no one cares what you think. Go walk around state committee and impress those slouches.

      You are a dork.

  3. Scariest thing I saw on January 6th was when Don (THE CON) Junior announced loudly and proudly “this isn’t the Republican Party…. it’s the Donald Trump party”. Any Republican who is allowing their party to be all about 1 SINGLE PERSON should be ashamed and is a gutless, ball less COWARD and a traitor to the USA.

  4. Why is politicspa violating first amendment rights and deleting comments which express support for Trump?

    1. Being the cowardly imposter that you are, not a surprise that you are ignorant as well.

  5. I’m still amazed that PA Republicans arrr we joining in the Big Lie. Fascism is here.

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