PA GOP: Scott Conklin Making Opposition Research Easy – Mails The Republican Party Of PA His Latest Taxpayer-Funded Mail Piece

HARRISBURG– Republican Party of Pennsylvania Spokesman Mike Barley released the following statement regarding the taxpayer-funded mail piece our headquarters received from Democratic State Representative, Lt. Governor Candidate and candidate for state House Scott Conklin.

“Every day our Party is working hard to make a case to let Pennsylvania taxpayers know that the Dan Onorato-Scott Conklin administration will equal more of the same in Harrisburg, and I guess Scott Conklin decided to mail us another reason why,” Barley said.  “I can’t understand why Scott Conklin is sending his taxpayer-funded mail to an address outside of his district.  This mailer seems like a blatant attempt to use our taxpayer dollars to aid one of the races he is running for this fall. With the events that have unfolded in Harrisburg over the last few years, especially with regards to misusing taxpayer funds for political purposes, one would think that Scott Conklin should know better.”

We call on Scott Conklin to answer the following questions regarding this mailer:

1.       How many of these flyers were mailed and what did it cost Pennsylvania taxpayers?

2.       What mailing universe did you use and is mailing them outside of your district standard practice?

3.       When did you send the mailing out?

4.       Was your mailing this flyer as a candidate for state House, Lt. Governor or as member of the state legislature?

Click here to see a full version of the Scott Conklin taxpayer-funded mail piece.

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